Do you know why the laptop heats up?

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Any owner of a portable computer for the time required to operate the computer system is faced with the fact that the notebook heats up and shuts down.It is impossible to say with certainty how soon it will happen, because it all depends on the conditions in which to work the internal cooling system.Dusty environment, frequent use of "on his knees" in the way, wrong place home location - it is only part of the factors contributing to the more rapid emergence of symptoms of overheating.So after all, why the notebook heats up?

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If you remove the lid of the laptop, inside you can see a set of punched cards of the PCB located on them with electronic elements and a set of conductive paths.Also required is an intricate component of the cooling system.In general, all very similar to the "filling" of an ordinary personal computer.That is why those who are faced with the service "desktops", the answer to the question of why the laptop heats up, is obvious.

Manufacturers of many basic components continuously advertise their products trends, focusing on the number of transistors used in the product and increased computing power.However, since each controllable electronic switch (a thyristor, a transistor) for their work generates heat due to their huge overall total amount of heat quantity becomes very large.The above cooling system just designed to remove "excess" heat.And as soon as it is for any reason ceases to be effective enough, start various malfunctions of the entire computer.

Typically, users pay attention to what has become a heated laptop only when the system errors.Before that, no one really does not think about the need to perform maintenance.But to no avail.We recommend at least once a year to contact the service centers, where specialists will remove the enclosure cover and clean the dust from all the components.They know why the laptop heats up and how to fix it.Also, it is permissible to remove contamination by yourself: with proper accuracy in this is no big deal.


As you know, in all modern laptops used intelligent control of the rotation speed of the cooling fan blades.The lower the load on the computing core and below the ambient temperature, the cooling system runs more quietly.Accordingly, if the fan is very noisy and does not reduce turnover, regardless of the complexity of running programs, it is quite possible it's time to perform cleaning.

If during a game squares appear on the screen or other image distortion, as well as in the time it hangs the system (sometimes there is a "flight" on the desktop), then there is no doubt - it is overheating.


Thus, why the notebook heats up, there is nothing surprising.Dust in the air, gradually clog the cooling unit, reducing its effectiveness.To prevent just do not forget to periodically purge.