Laying lawn with his own hands

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For most people, spring and summer are associated primarily with the bright sun, blue sky and fresh green grass.And it's nice on a warm day to walk barefoot on the grass in the country or on site at your own home.Moreover, the lawn well-groomed appearance instantly gives the infield is an element of landscape design is independent and full sitting area and a must if children are present.


lawn before you start laying the lawn, it is necessary to determine its type.There are several basic types, each of which has its advantages and disadvantages.

1. Ordinary or landscape gardening, lawn.The most common type, often found on the territory of the country houses.Technology laying the lawn is simple enough, and possess it, anyone can.To create such a coating can be on the sunny and shaded areas, this specially selected herbs in mixtures.Basic care is constant and abundant watering regular mowing.

2. Flower lawn.The advantages of this type include the beautiful blooming lawn, minimal maintenance and naturalness.On the downside - the Moorish lawn may look untidy because of the heads of flowers fades, and the clover is able to grow strongly across the region.However, clover is almost impossible to trample the lawn, and it can withstand any load.

3. English or parterre lawn.Different and very beautiful looks thanks to the thick, rich, emerald grass.But care for it requires more.Thus, laying the lawn should be done only on the sunny areas.Obligatory daily watering, mowing every two or three days and regular fertilizing.Besides English the form does not react to the Russian climate and large temperature differences.Laying lawn with his own hands, without the help of professionals, is practically impossible.

4. Turf.Suitable for those who are not willing to wait a long time and spend a lot of time growing mixtures of previous types.Turf is very popular because it has enough advantages: no weeds in the first year, resistance to changing weather conditions, drought, frost, trampling.The disadvantages include a relatively high price.However, if the laying of the lawn will be made in the home, you can significantly save.

How to choose a lawn?

place for lawn chosen in advance, based on the needs of the herbs included in its composition.In any case, it should not be considered much dark areas near the house.Nice and smooth lawn there will be very difficult to achieve.

But light shadow of spreading trees and shrubs suitable for planting special grasses shadow.

If in the garden is very wet, stagnant water may be, should look for any special mixtures, as most lawn grass does not tolerate waterlogging.

Not recommended laying turf on steep slopes, slopes, as the rains will wash away the topsoil and grass sprouted.If necessary, it is necessary to use props or pledge support grid.

How to prepare the ground for a lawn?

Prepare the soil before sowing, herbs can significantly facilitate lawn care in the future, so it is this stage it should be given due attention.

Firstly, the selected area is thoroughly cleaned of debris.Removes weeds uprooted stumps.Many gardeners weeding resort to chemical means, as is qualitatively perform hard manual.In addition, it is worth remembering that it is not recommended to lay the lawn in early spring, or vice versa, in the fall, because at that time the soil is full of not yet germinating weed seeds, which germinate, may compromise the integrity of the lawn and inhibit the growth of new grass.

Second, purified pad undergoes deep digging to a depth of about 20 cm. In parallel land is removed from the remaining debris, stones, roots.Then, the surface of the earth is spread as much as possible.

The third step is carried out fertilization.The composition of fertilizers is selected, depending on the needs and characteristics of the land.For example, in areas with sandy or clay soil require additional application of humus and peat.

final stage of preparing a tamper topsoil.The importance of this procedure lies in the fact that no soil can be compacted to form bumps and hollows, which significantly interferes with walking.And when the rain water accumulates in depressions and the grass dying from waterlogging.It is most convenient to carry out compacting of the earth with the help of the rink, but you can also use conventional flat board, or simply walk through the site utaptyvaya soil.

After that, the prepared area is left alone for a month.During this period, the surface of the earth finally tamp may give some shrinkage will develop all the remaining hollows and bumps that need to be addressed in the future.

How to plant a lawn?

Before planting seed mixtures topsoil loosened with a rake.For planting choose a warm windless day, the seeds are not scattered from the territory of the lawn.Seeding rate of about 40-50 grams per square meter.After planting they cover the ground using rakes.Then abundantly watered using a spray bottle with a small rainfall.It is forbidden to watering with a hose or buckets as high risk wash the seeds out of the soil.

How to care for your lawn?

focuses on a young lawn.Watering is extremely important, especially during the first week.We can not allow drying of shoots as immature grass can easily be lost.But you can not throw to the other extreme, as well as overflow damaging to seedlings.Optimal daily moderate watering.Mowing the grass on a weekly basis at a rate of 5 cm of grass. If you skip this point, after the haircut you will notice that appeared on the lawn of a receding hairline, and she became the barbed grass.

How does laying turf rolls?

After site preparation can go shopping turf.The important point is that its styling should be done within 72 hours after cutting off.

So, laying turf with their hands begins with the territory, which is closer to the folded roll.The turf is laid out in a straight line only, banned turns and bends.At the beginning and end of each series of the lawn must be full plate or part of at least the size of a half of a whole.The small remaining pieces can be placed in the middle, but not at the edges.Stacked one row tamp it as follows, but not nailed, namely densely press roll to the ground.

next number is placed so that the edges shifted, that is like a brick.The seams between the rolls filled with a mixture of peat, clay and sand.Then pour plenty of lawn.

How to put artificial turf?

For those who do not want to spend all summer caring for the living grasses, suitable laying artificial turf.Calibration is done in the following way.Please make future markup lawn then purified tamped and leveled soil surface.Top fit waterproof geoplenka on which is placed a drainage grate.On top lay a special grating fiber, water tight.Following artificial turf is rolled out, cut to relieve tension, and the next day the joints are glued with special glue.


So, there are many options for beautiful design area grass mixture.For lovers of incredible beauty of English lawn suitable for those who want to see immediate results, it is possible laying turf with his hands.These procedures are described in the article.Well, people whose time is scheduled by the minute, will help create a green lawn laying artificial turf.