8 tips to help your child succeed

few tips that can change the life of your child and help him succeed.

Every child is talented and special.Each is a gift to change tomorrow and of his own destiny.All the children - are brilliant, but they need the ability to see an adult to help crumbs uncover their talents, and most importantly to send their child to achieve success.

success is not necessarily the worldwide fame or rank of "child of the Year".Success - is a self-realization of your baby, his ability to survive in different situations, the ability to be the best in some of the areas of activity, to learn to live in the modern world.

What do parents need to help their children achieve success in an easier way?- Consider the 8 tips that can change the life of your baby for the better:

1. Teach your child to respect their belongings

Respect - a process of awareness of the value of a particular subject.His stuff you need to love, appreciate and cherish.All the - always the best.But this does not mean that it is possible to harm things that do not belong to the kid.The child must feel responsible for their own things and accordingly decisions concerning his personal belongings.After all, every decision has its consequences.And if a child neglects to something, it is detrimental to his future victories.

2. Never do anything instead of his child

Your kid is exploring the world means "trial and error".His willingness to take on projects, new things, experimenting only strengthen his way to victory.He learns to take off and fall, begin and end, to try and make mistakes.Your child learns that he is responsible for all its decisions and actions.Parents will be able to cover his rear, but will not participate in the battle for success in his stead.This battle is your baby, let him learn to choose their own strategies for success.

3. Relieve baby's schedule, so he had a free time for their interests

To understand what we like, we are experimenting, trying, risk, mistakes, or get the first positive results.But the main thing in all this ability to learn to take risks and try.Your baby is too busy in school, after school, to think that he really likes.It's hard to find time for their own interests, because his schedule of the day the parents have electives, training, tutoring, various clubs, art or music school.Make time in your schedule for a kid of his personal space.Let it be 4 hours per week, but it will.Do not limit your favorite child, even growing up, both physically and mentally there.

4. Involve your child in conversation that he felt a part of a larger whole

Your baby needs to know that his opinion is also important.There is nothing more valuable than the solution adopted with the decision, which was accepted by all members of the family, a decision which is the foundation of harmony and respect.Your baby is important to know that his opinion - this is an important basis for the decisions taken.Only aware of its responsibility, the child will be able to think logically and rationally.The main thing every parent to remember that you can only take responsibility, it can not pass.So your pipsqueak must learn to take responsibility and go with her life.

5. Allow your baby to make their own mistakes

where to start our life?The first moments of success and downs ... you remember them?You may realize that it is independent steps have made us who we are today.Let your child take his first steps to success on their own.Become a warm haven for him, where he will be able to moor, when on his way there a storm or hurricane.Become native land, and not the entire universe.Your baby needs its own land for conquest, its air of awareness of its value, its first failures to understand the taste of victory.

6. Allow children to risk

Our children need to understand that life has no frames and borders.There are only rules imposed by the society, but there is nothing impossible.For each turn followed by a new road that carries us further and further ahead.We inspire our kids phobias and puts them in case of uncertainty.Yes, we are afraid to admit that we do not want them to make their own decisions, because it means that they have matured.But putting them in the box, we do not create conditions for them in which they will not be able to feel the taste of victory.

7. It is necessary to make ourselves what we teach our children

Be an example for your child.Your words must not be empty words, your words and actions must be constantly lever of influence on the future decisions of your crumbs.Think before you emote.Life can not be reset because ...

8. Teach your baby to not be afraid of losing

wounds are not treated, you need to initially create a situation in which these wounds did not occur.After all, prevention is better than any medication.The soul can not heal.We need to instill in the child a sense of what losses - it is a prerequisite for success.No need to overpraise and encourage the baby without further reason.Praise, gifts, trophies - it is a call that you want to earn, earn, get.In today's world, a lot of sobering moments, so let your baby will be ready for him since childhood.

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