"Straight" - what does that mean?

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"homo-" and "heterosexual" - words that we often hear in daily life, meanwhile, do not even think about their meaning.Let us remember on the sources of these terms."Heterosexual" - what does that mean?In our time, they call people with traditional sexual orientation.

"heterosexual" - a kind of sexual preference?

What does "hetero"?What does this word is known since the days of ancient Greece, known to many.Literally it means "different", "other", "different", "not so.""Homo" means "similar", "same".In medicine known term "homozygote" and "heterozygous" means that the same or, alternatively, multiple diploid organism, alleles of genes which have the same or, alternatively, a different set of genes.In this regard, there is a concept of purity form.The human body inherently heterozygotes.His genes are alleles, in which each pair of chromosomes opposite to the information they contain.This is directly related to the evolutionary process of the species.Due to the historical development and improvement of people reached a high level and has a huge store of genetic information.Today, this word give a completely different meaning.Now the word "straight" is an abbreviation of the term "heterosexuality" which means attraction to persons of the opposite sex.Heterosexuals - people who have a traditional orientation, allowing them to continue their family during the drive and courting the opposite sex.

Public opinion

Heterosexual seksual - ordinary person who has a sexual attraction to the opposite sex.Seventy percent of the people believe that the heterosexual - not just the choice of sexual orientation, and only allowed outdoors, regular pattern of behavior.In fact, homosexuality is registered at the genetic level for all species of animals and humans in the form of a recessive gene.This model, too, is a natural manifested as a result of deviation from social norms.But do not consider healthy heterosexuals and homosexuals - sick.It is not a disease and treat it impossible.

ratio of psychologists

Heterosexual - what is it?On the one hand, this is the norm of behavior in society, on the other - a phenomenon inherent in the vast majority of individuals on the planet.Many experts in psychology believe that the rule - heterosexual behavior is that it is a good phenomenon in view of the instinct of procreation.Heterosexuality in their understanding - a manifestation of the phenomenon of human sexuality, including a certain behavior and heterosexual identity.Many people used to consider himself the right to behave as anything to society, and thus are willing to follow the choice of the majority.It happens in the process of education: a child, watching heterosexual relationships in the family wants in the future have the same family.If in the process of cognition of the world child does not see the love of parents, family harmony, normal human relationships, it can lead to psychological trauma.In this case it is the conclusions that can make a child, which could then lead him to the different way of life and the search for partners with an identical orientation.

What is the norm?

norms of behavior in the society dictated by the choice of most individuals."Straight" - what is it?So people represent conduct that is dominant on the planet.Although our society is changing, and homosexuality became quite common, in spite of that, he will remain recessive phenomenon, since individuals with this orientation are not able to interbreed.Thus, heterosexuals will long remain a standard of behavior for all species.