What determines the average duration of sexual intercourse, and how to increase it?

Every man must be able to behave as a good lover.This is important not only for your partner but also for himself.Intimate life - an important aspect of the relationship, without which there can be no stability or durability.In this situation, you should consider what is the average duration of sexual intercourse, and how to increase it.

First of all, you should consider two main points of the process: the psychological and physiological.Among the indirect causes referred to some external factors, such as quality and quantity of food and the environment, it can also significantly accelerate the ejaculation.

average duration of intercourse is calculated by the time that the penis enters the vagina for the first time.But the final point - this is an orgasm, and, as its consequence, ejaculation.It is considered the norm, when the partners are about 67-69 frictions, ie the movement back and forth.If there are significant deviations from the norm, it is best to begin work on this issue as soon as possible.Increasing

intercourse itself depends, as noted above, from two aspects.It turns out that the excitement and excessive degree of excitation effect that ejaculation occurs too quickly.As a result - negative impressions of the girl, the fear of being humiliated, any positive emotions.Because in this case, the main piece of advice: be yourself, do not worry and do not strain, trying to impress.Most importantly - give vent to the feelings and desires.

average duration of sexual intercourse depends on the length of breaks between tracks.This usually refers inexperienced young people.But this factor can be manipulated in their favor.

In light of the above, the question arises on how to prolong the duration of sexual intercourse.There are some effective tips:

  1. best option - the use of condoms with anesthetic.They reduce the sensitivity of the glans penis, because the duration of intercourse could increase significantly.
  2. can also resort to the use of lubricant with anesthetic: the effect is the same.
  3. about a few hours before the alleged sexual act can be carried out the act of masturbation.And in this case it is important to choose the right time, because the sensitivity can be restored, which is highly undesirable.

If the average duration of sexual intercourse in every case still does not increase, then we can try to control their feelings directly in the process.If approaching the process of ejaculation, you can make a small break of a few minutes.An effective technique is also a surgery to remove the foreskin, ie the so-called circumcision.This procedure has a number of advantages:

  1. Pretends penis more aesthetic.
  2. Protects against many diseases.
  3. Lowers the sensitivity of the glans penis.

most important thing - to choose the right and suitable technique.Then the sex life will improve and become harmonious.