Pikaper - a wily seducer or insecure person?

Despite the fact that statistically women in the country more than men, many of the stronger sex are experiencing some difficulties in getting acquainted with the girls and do not know how to behave correctly with them.Especially such issues are relevant today, when the ladies when meeting with the gentlemen first of all pay attention to their appearance, intelligence and generosity.Men, knowing it is likely to look at themselves in the mirror and realize that their appearance is far from the standard, and financial capacity (or natural greed) did not allow to be generous.It remains one hope - to the brain that the guys are starting to think about how to woo the most beautiful women, being unattractive in appearance and not particularly well off financially.That's because such resentful life and girls boys born the so-called Pickup Girls "heifers".Goal is the same - to seduce as many of the fairer sex, spending on each of them a minimum of time and financial resources.Ideally, the material costs should not be at all.Therefore, beginning Lovelace attend various trainings on pickups and "wool" themed sites to find the desired information.

In fact, pick up artist - is an insecure man who needs to assert itself at the expense of women.The more women he was able to put to bed, the less time and money is spent on it, the more beautiful and impenetrable his "victims", feels more confident that home-grown macho.Often it also happens that the guy is so tightened like "merrymaking" that seduction of girls for him becomes something akin to the sport.

pikaper However - this is not always an unprincipled man who "catches" the girls just for the sake of their own eyes look sort of alpha male.It happens so that a guy like any particular girl, but he does not know how to approach it, because he's afraid of being rejected.So he is looking for an opportunity to become more confident, trying somehow to understand the psychology of women, to understand what can and what can not please his beloved.He is looking for effective ways likely to attract the attention of the girl and her interest.But, unfortunately, such a pick up artist - it is rather an exception to the rule.Basically the rules of "removal" is used to get all the women within physical reach.

techniques for pickup, there are many, and can be easily found on the Internet.Luckily, the girls know this too, and read with interest about what the men are ready to go for one unforgettable night with them.Of course, there are also cases when some lady complaining on forums that it pikaper "spread", and now she does not know what to do.Such stories only spur women to go to sites on the pickup to be fully prepared for any casual acquaintance.

What are "tenants"?They suddenly fit in the street to the first got the pretty girl and literally baffle her some unusual question or a compliment.If "break pattern" was a success, then you can proceed further, achieving the absolute trust and goodwill on the part of the unsuspecting citizen.And the best way to protect yourself from such a "natural phenomenon", as the pick up artist - is to make a "break pattern" to him.That is why the girls and enter the "enemy camp" to learn about their insidious plans and prevent potentially unwanted familiarity.