What vitamins in persimmon?

C winter approaching on the shelves appears real decoration - bright juicy appetizing persimmon.It clearly distinguishes itself from the other berries and fruits.And not just the color of the sun.It is a storehouse of vitamins, minerals, fructose and glucose, which makes it desirable to table any home.

Gift East

Homeland persimmon believe China.From there it spread throughout Asia and then well settled in Japan.The world learned of this fruit in the late 19th century, how useful persimmon, which contains vitamins.In China it was called the food of the gods.It was believed that the first juicy fruit tasted the ancient deities.There persimmon acted as a symbol of joy.In Japan, it symbolized victory.The Europeans could not understand why such a high respect for the persimmon, it seemed to them inedible until it was discovered important secret - the fruit should be eaten when fully ripe.Only then can an incredible sweetness and flavor are disclosed fully and allow to obtain the pleasure of eating this wonderful fruit.

Persimmon tree is an evergreen plant from the family of Ebony.It grows in tropical and subtropical regions, can easily cross the line quincentenary.Hundreds of species of this plant (some sources say that there are about 500) have large fruit with a bright fleshy pulp.Although a small part of the species are grown solely for the valuable wood, is still the main objective of all those who cultivate this plant - the core of juicy fruit.Knowing what vitamins persimmon, easy to understand them!


persimmon fruit of the plant can weigh up to a pound, depending on the species of persimmon.Their most people know little - Goldcrest, Caucasian and Japanese persimmon (crossed with an apple).The composition of any fetal unique.There a large number of dietary fibers, minerals such as potassium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron, manganese, iodine, copper, sodium.Many are not even aware of how saturated their favorite kind of persimmon, persimmon in which vitamins Goldcrest, for example.This wide range of vitamins C, P, B, and vitamin A. However, whatever type was the fruit is rich in antioxidants, tannins, organic acids, fiber.It is a storehouse of glucose and fructose.No wonder the Japanese persimmon is called the "fruit of the Sun" for its wealth of useful substances.

Useful properties of persimmon

composition causes will benefit from its use for the human body.Vitamin A improves eyesight and skin, serves as an excellent protection against carcinogens.Vitamin P and increase the body's immunity, reduce the amount of free radicals, reduce vascular permeability.Also, they are excellent strengthen the nervous system, helps with insomnia, depression, trauma-informed.Knowing what vitamins are contained in the persimmon, you can easily cure SARS, as its pulp has anti-inflammatory and antiseptic effect.

Calcium and magnesium contained in the persimmon, improves performance, stimulates the process of ridding the body of toxins.Potassium salts are well supported by the cardiovascular system.Glucose perfectly feeds the heart muscle.

Tannins persimmon "consolidate" the intestines if he was upset.The high content of iodine in this fruit has beneficial effects on the thyroid gland.A pectin accelerate digestion.

In addition, persimmon helps to improve the work of the genitourinary system, acts as a barrier in the development of hypertension.

Here's a quite small in size fruit is a real champion on the content of nutrients.

How to remove astringency

So, what vitamins persimmon, we learned how useful it is - too.Now very few shortcomings, but for some they may seem dignity.A distinctive feature of persimmon is acerbity.Different types it is expressed more or less.Furthermore - if the fetus is not quite ripe.But there are some tricks that can help to remove it.The most common way - frozen vegetables in the freezer, and shortly before use to get and unfreeze.Also astringency leaves, persimmon when put in water, heated to 40 degrees, and keep it there for twelve hours.Another way - to put the fruit in the package, along with tomatoes and apples and tie tightly.The gas released by fruits and vegetables, will help in the maturation of persimmon.

This persimmon is contraindicated

Knowing what is useful and what vitamins fruit in persimmon, some people should still limit yourself to this delicacy.Persimmon has a high tannin content, so it is not recommended to use in the recovery period after surgery on abdominal organs.Also it is contraindicated in people who as a result of such operations have formed adhesions in the intestine.It is known that persimmon good fixes the intestine with constipation so it also recommended to use extreme caution, even if the fruit has reached its maximum maturation.People suffering from diabetes, because of the high sugar content in the persimmon is better not to saturate your diet this nutritious fruit.

How to grow persimmon homes

Many home gardeners, loving individual varieties of this plant, and knowing, for example, what vitamins to Sharon persimmon, want her to grow up on his site.In the south of Russia to do it is not difficult - persimmon loves warm climate.If you create an enabling environment, well-cut, fruit tree can reach 15 meters.But those who live in a harsh climate, do not despair - a persimmon can be grown at home.To do this, place the bone into the pot about 2 centimeters in depth, cover with foil and send in the battery warm up 2 weeks.Appeared shoots groomed and aired in the summer of grown up bush make the balcony.With proper care, after 5 years at your desk may appear appetizing persimmons from your own home garden.And when winter knocks in the frosty time, knowing what vitamins in persimmon and how valuable it is, you'll be happy to eat this wonderful fruit.A persimmon, in turn, will help to cope with the blues, colds and beriberi!