How many calories in cucumbers and tomatoes and a salad from these vegetables

vegetables are irreplaceable sources of natural energy and a variety of trace elements and vitamins.Constant of eating leads to the fact that the body itself is configured, it improves digestion and functioning of many internal organs.And - vegetables help digest such crude and heavy foods like barbecue or bacon and eggs, for example, and many others.Not for nothing in the Caucasus to the meat relies consume large amounts of vegetables.A fiber found in them, carefully cleans the digestive tract of unwanted residues recycled.About how many calories in cucumbers and tomatoes and what they are useful for the human body, we will cover in this article.

Cucumbers and tomatoes

no exception cucumbers and tomatoes.They are one of the most popular vegetables in the open spaces of our vast country - Russia.In addition, and at the price they are quite accessible in all regions (except, perhaps, the Far North and the Far East, and then - at the present report is not a particular problem).Besides these fields gifts sold in supermarkets almost year round, which makes them relevant for the food basket of ordinary Russians.But how many calories in cucumbers and tomatoes, they know, of course, not all.That is, they know that they there is little - it's definitely, otherwise dietitians would not recommend their use for people suffering from obesity.This and some other equally interesting questions we will try to answer below.

The benefits of cucumbers

It should tell you a bit about the benefits of the product as a cucumber.After all, some people believe that the cucumbers than water, no nothing.And fundamentally mistaken.This natural product, grown according to the rules and without excessive use of fertilizers, a lot of sugar, mineral salts and vitamins.And its use reduces the acidity of gastric juice.Usually takes an cucumber food still immature.A regular use of it slows down the formation of fat in the body and prevents its accumulation.

Calories in cucumbers

For those who want to get rid of unnecessary kilograms nutritionists strongly recommend that in the season once a week to arrange fasting cucumber day eating only cucumber in the amount of up to 2 kilograms.Thus, cucumber takes a kind of purifying role, washing away all kinds of poisons from the body and toxins, accumulated there.Since cucumber includes liquids 90% or more, much of it is not potolsteesh - tested in practice.In 100 grams of fresh greenhouse cucumbers only 11 kcal.If a cucumber soil - up to 14, which is also a great result.Thus, during the fasting day - just!- You'll use only 220 kcal, especially without damaging the body.A high content of potassium and water there scraping the diuretic effect.However, eating cucumbers, should remember that they can be grown with large amounts of nitrates.In this case (who have this possibility) should cultivate their own product.Either clean the peel before eating - it is always harmful substances increased.

Tomato: calorie per 100 gram

This vegetable (actually a berry) for the human organism is of interest and value.In it, and iron, and copper (especially good for anemia), and vitamins A and C. It little purines, so it is allowed even in gout.He has a slight diuretic and mild anti-fungal effects.Improves digestion and metabolism - that is tomato.Calories per 100 grams, however, is not as small as that of the cucumber.In the fresh product contains up to 25 calories, depending on the variety.However, these indicators allow us to recommend to the tomatoes in the diet.About how many calories in cucumbers and tomatoes, can not much worry about the healthy people.Because of their small number makes it possible to use these vegetables with regularity and consistency, even though every day.Such calculations will be useful, most of all, people who are accustomed to the diet and the fact that you need to count the calories eaten.

  • salad "Cucumber-tomatoes", known every woman, by the way, has them as a very very small amount (unless of course, do not fill it with sour cream).If you cut the cucumber in equal proportions with the tomatoes, add fresh chopped herbs here and a few drops of vegetable oil with a drop of lemon - it is going to look like dietary meal (55-57 kcal per 100 grams).And if you do not fill the oil, using natural vegetable juice, power is reduced to 25-30 kcal, which allows absolutely no worry about how many calories in cucumbers and tomatoes.