As we prepare for Easter?

Bright holiday associated with the resurrection of Jesus Christ, celebrated by all Christians.

Preparations for the celebration of Holy Easter

Long before that day we are preparing for Easter.His hands believers decorate the home, prepare refreshments.Always we make spring cleaning before the holiday.Prolonged fasting, we are also preparing for Easter.

His hands cake to make, to paint eggs and bake pies - this is the case experienced hostess.But to make his own souvenirs in the gift someone can be with their children.

Jewelry table

not only the offerings and refreshments are important to this day.Often, we are preparing for Easter, with their own hands by creating interesting crafts that can decorate a festive table.

These are homemade imitating chickens.It is important to involve children in the process.And if there are kids in the family, we are preparing for Easter, with their own hands with the children of making the cute trinkets.For example, chickens can get fun out of cardboard disposable cups.

To work required paper yellow, orange and pink.You can use colored feathers.Himself a glass of yellow paper pasted over.It can be attached to the "body" and chicken feathers.Some mimic the fluff cut out of paper "noodles."

Paws make orange.They should be fixed to the extended portion of the cup.Yellow circles will depict the heads of chickens.They glued orange beaks.They cut into diamond-shaped.Folded in half, they will simulate disclosed nestlings beaks.Eyes are made of paper or pugovok.You can use the special pieces that are bought in stores, or cut them out of the cards.

Dye chickens can be pink ribbons, red tie or even "put" on the chick black tuxedo - it all depends on the imagination of the manufacturer.

Souvenirs Easter gift in

If we together with the children preparing for Easter, with their hands can do crafts in the form of a rabbit or chicken.These souvenirs will be a pleasant offering to loved ones on the holiday.

Produce sweet toy can of salty dough.It is only important to satisfy the condition: a layer of material used to make souvenir, should not be thicker than 7 mm.Therefore it is best to make crafts in stages, producing intermediate baking blank in the microwave defrost a minute.

The idea is to make the body of the rabbit and baked.To thing was not too heavy, it is recommended to make it hollow.For this purpose, for example, a cover of a deodorant, a little box which had been previously oiled.After baking the intermediate part can be removed.

then attach head to body.Again, put the blank for a minute in the microwave.Then cut tabs which are adhered to the head.The tail and legs can also be done at this stage.

Last baking can be a little longer intermediate.After the hack acquire desired fortress products cover paint and varnish.

Handbag rabbit

If you want to attract the very small crumbs when preparing for Easter, with their hands can make crafts out of disposable cardboard plates.It will be a bag of rabbit.

A plate folded in half and stitch at each end of the one-third of the semicircle.At one end is inserted into a piece of fur - tail.Another is decorated with paper mustache and nose.Eyes can draw or stick cut from paper circles.Handles for bags can be made of cloth or leatherette.But you can use the paper.From it is derived lovely ears.

bags placed inside painted eggs, candy, cakes.Get a nice gift, especially when you know that it was producing a child.

Rabbit boltunchik cardboard

can hang cool figure rabbit gum on the wall or on the lamp over the table.If you touch him he will move the foot, like a living.This toy souvenir and you can give someone a holiday.And if you make a basket bulk, then it is appropriate to put a coin or a piece of candy, cookie or Krashenki.

And if we are children getting ready for Easter with their hands, the master class will help to cope with the task.

  1. template should be translated into cardboard.
  2. Every detail is cut and then is painted.
  3. at the marked points with an awl make punctures.
  4. Paws are applied to the body, will serve as buttons of hinges.They are cross-linked to one another in pairs in each "joint", holding the thread through the holes.

Easter composition

accumulated cardboard midway of rolls of toilet paper, you can use them in the case.Stick them cut from paper figurines, we get a luxury Easter composition.

Separately made the cross and the cave.Making Jesus Christ himself is not recommended.Face of the Son of God, like the saints, it is permissible to write only a real artist who study it and get permission.

If desired, you can even submit a mini-performance by using this hack.