Analysis ballads Zhukovsky "Svetlana".

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Vasily Zhukovsky is one of the first Russian poets who have created clear, simple and easy-to-read works.Prior to that writers worked on the principle that the more complex - the better.We are not easy to estimate the scale of genius Vasily, because that seems to us quite reasonable and customary for the poet's contemporaries was awesome.In the XIX century, all addicted to sentimentality, and Zhukovsky was no exception, so his work is a mix of genres and nationalities.

attempt to create a Russian folk ballad

analysis ballads Zhukovsky "Svetlana" indicates that the basis for the story the author took a work of German poet Burger.Vasily always believed that Russians should learn from the experience of western colleagues, but to alter their work in accordance with national practices and taking into account the Russian character.Given the nature of the genre, the writer turned to the world of fairy tales, legends, fantasy and mysticism.

It should be noted that other similar works quite unlike Zhukovsky's ballad "Svetlana".Content on the first catches the reader's fear and horror of what is happening, but that's the end of a joyful and happy.The main characters are still alive, their fate is remarkably composed, while well-known ballads like "Lyudmila", "Forest King", there is drama.

Scene Analysis ballads Zhukovsky «Svetlana»

Work begins with the author embellished picture fortunetelling girls on Christmas time.Vasily, to make the image brighter Svetlana turned to sentimental poetry.The reader sees a girl modest, silent, sad.It grieves because separated from sweet, but does not complain about his fate, and finds comfort in prayer.The image of the girl Zhukovsky wanted to embody the typical traits of the Russian people: religion, resignation, meekness.

analysis ballads Zhukovsky "Svetlana" shows that the author has included in his work features romantic and sentimental.At first the girl sitting in front of the mirror, wanting to see where her betrothed, then falls asleep.In the dream, she meets with her fiance, follows him, but the man seems somehow unusual.Only with time reader together with Svetlana he understands that this is the groom-dead.When a girl is in a hut near the coffin, she drives away his prayer otherworldly forces, congregate on her chest white dove is a symbol of the Spirit of the Lord.Humility and obedience will bring salvation and reward - that's the main theme of the ballads of Zhukovsky "Svetlana".

Optimistic end

piece is written in the romantic-sentimental style.For romance can be attributed mystical dream in which there is an image of the groom, the dead man's terrible, ominous cawing crow, night racing on horseback, ghastly light of the moon, the coffin in the cabin, a single church.By way of sentimentalism relates girlfriends Svetlana guessing wedding.To emphasize this style, so use nouns in the diminutive form.Analysis ballads Zhukovsky "Svetlana" shows that this is an optimistic work.Whatever happens in a dream, in real life, everything will be fine.