Lermontov's biography: the most important thing in the life of the poet

all ever since the school is familiar biography of Lermontov.The most important thing that can be said about this man - known talented poet, a true officer, exquisite prose, and even the artist.


Mikhail was born in 1814, it happened on October 3 in the capital.The father of the future writer brought his wife to give birth to it to Moscow from a small village.On the twentieth day after the birth of a boy christened, and the cross of his own grandmother began.About her many times subsequently informs biography Lermontov.The most important thing you can give a child, his grandmother gave it.She insisted that the boy named Michael, has provided him with a good education.Elizabeth Arsenevna grandson loved passionately and devotedly.When he was ten, my grandmother took Misha the Caucasus.And a couple of years the future writer went to Moscow to prepare for entrance to a noble guest house functioned at MSU.It was in the guesthouse Michael began to write poetry, he was very fond of reading, studying various sciences.

Education and studies

At the age of 16 years, Michael entered the university in the capital.And his talent is beginning to take shape and mature quickly.After graduating from university, he failed Lermontov decides to leave it in 1832.The poet goes to St. Petersburg.He wanted to continue their education there.But the university refused to deduct two years that he spent a student in Moscow.And come back to the first year Michael refused.Life Lermontov (biography testifies) makes a sharp turn.He became a student of the School of cadets and Ensigns.In the next couple of years, the poet did not write poetry, and create a historical novel, which, however, did not finish.Next, Michael enrolled in the Hussars.It is a long time will not be published.When a duel was tragically killed Alexander Pushkin, Lermontov was deeply shocked.This mountain gave the world famous poem Lermontov.This was followed by the arrest and trial of the poet.Michael was saved again by his grandmother and his secular bonds.On defense rose and friend of Alexander.As a result of the poet Lermontov (biography tells about it) was demoted to the rank of ensign and transferred to serve in the Caucasus.There he stayed for a short time, but this time period was enough to poet imbued with the atmosphere and the nature of the highlands.In the future, it is clearly seen in his works.

creativity and further vicissitudes of life of the creator

Lermontov returned to St. Petersburg and continued to create.It is due to travel to the Caucasus, he created immortal works of "Demon" and "Novice."The result of writing the poem "Death of a Poet", which caused so many problems, it is the communion of Lermontov to the circle of friends and comrades Pushkin.Thanks to this, Mikhail begins published.

Then he participated in a duel.There were no casualties event, but the poet again expelled to the Caucasus (this reflects the biography of Lermontov).The most important consequence of this event - Michael began work on the novel "Hero of Our Time."The work was later published in the form of short chapters, and only then completely.When the poet's life in the light went out just one of his collection of poems in 1840.

Lermontov life was tragically cut short in a duel.He died just as his idol - Alexander.Cold winter 1841 did not become the greatest man who gave the world a lot of immortal works.At least a brief biography of Lermontov (the most important of his life) should be known to every cultured person.