What they lived, the AS Pushkin's life?

What are they, the year of Pushkin's life, lived in an ambiguous time?How will the work of the poet people and events?What is the role played in the life?And if he could be a simple, unimportant nobleman and quietly live somewhere far away from the capital, in the depths of the Nizhny Novgorod region?Whether or not he was God and another fate awaits?


children, the Pushkin's life went completely unnoticed by the man.We do not undertake to assert that they passed unnoticed, no.Just exactly he lowered his childhood in a series of his poetic themes.Lyceum - the fact that they described many times, what binds him all his life, but not his father's house.Why is that?

In heavily impoverished family was born A. Pushkin life years spent with his parents, his sister Olga and his brother Leo in Moscow is not much he remembered.He was a regular part of me wards French tutors.Talking and reading in a foreign (French) language, it became much earlier than the Russian.For eight years he was greedy "devoured" the French edition of his father's library.Describes what is happening, his younger brother Leo.


Here, the Pushkin's life, lived in the estate of her grandmother on my mother, he remembered.The important role it has had a nanny Arina and fortress grandmother.It was there that he learned the native language, and fell in love with the culture.Fairy tales, stories and narratives of ordinary people are always interested him.


His education was very edgy, and at 11 years old the child was sent to study at prestigious institutions.Tsarskoye Selo Lyceum gave an opportunity to young talent to absorb not only knowledge, but also to communicate with interesting people.Professors educated elite of the state, instilled patriotism and "sowed the seeds of" reform.


It is believed that under the influence of a professor of literature AI Galich he revealed all his abilities.In the middle of training to discover Pushkin specially comes known at the time the author, the hero of the War of 1812, the future teacher of Grand Prince Alexander II, VA Zhukovsky


After the formation of Alexander became a government official, but passionatenature does not spend a quiet year of life.Pushkin always pulls in the heart of the action, whether literary or political, he can not live without society.Their feelings, thoughts, emotions he describes in poetic form, creating masterpieces.In addition to free poetry, he owns a huge number of works devoted to the culture and life of the people, fairy tales, historical novels and stories.And this is not all that glorified his name Pushkin.

Years of life and death are close to each other (1799-1837), but in that time he managed to do the impossible for many.At the same time, the memories of loved ones, not much to that sought.Yes, he wanted to write, he wanted to work the authors were paid decently, but on such a grand success Pushkin did not even care, despite the fact that during his lifetime he sang many songs of praise.

poet died from the deadly wound received in a duel with Georges d'Anthes Charles.The death came two days after the tragedy.