Tvardovsky "Vasily Terkin": a summary of the poem

in 1945, was written by such well-known writer, Alexander Tvardovsky "Vasily Terkin".Summary tells of happy and cheerful soldiers appear in the infantry company and its exciting adventures.Vasiliy recalls how he had to retreat to the "German" side to the front of the detachment of only ten people.On the way they lay the village commander.The soldiers went to his house, wife, military fed, put to bed, and in the morning they went on, still leaving a piece of the homeland to the enemy.

Injuries Basil Terkina

In his poem is very true picture of the war portrayed Twardowski.Vasily Terkin (summary tells the story of his unprecedented heroism) often rescued friends, but he found himself in a difficult situation.Once he as settling after bombing bond shells exploded quite near.A soldier on his way to see "pogrebushku" Germans took it and hid, waiting for the enemy.Basil killed a German officer, but he wounded him.In addition, our tanks arrived and began to bomb "pogrebushku."See you there, "his" Terkina sent to the field hospital.

In his hero image of hundreds of thousands of soldiers joined Twardowski.Vasily Terkin (summary of the poem tells the story of his incredible good luck) still enters the hospital for the second time.A platoon under the command of "dapper" Lieutenant is taking the village, but the commander is killed, and Terkin now understands that "to lead his turn."The village took the platoon, but the Basil seriously injured, the death had come for him, but the man does not give up.People from the funeral team found him and was taken to the medical battalion.

heroic feats of soldiers

poems Tvardovsky "Vasily Terkin" were, are and will be the best example of the creativity of the war period.During the crossing squads loaded onto pontoons, first went to the right bank, but the rest of the way to cut off the enemy's fire.Levoberezhnye waiting for dawn, but right bank do not know what to do.It was winter, the water ice.But Terkin sailed to the left bank, said that the first platoon provided transportation if it closed down.Vasily constantly encouraged both soldiers and ordinary people.He played the harmonica, forcing all shake a leg under his merry tunes urged elderly victory, lifting them up and giving hope.It was thought not only a hero, and so thought Twardowski.

Vasily Terkin: a brief journey through the homeland

One of the men lost his pouch.Vasiliy recalls how he was injured during a capless, and invited him to his nurse.Terkin kept headgear until now, so the soldier gave his pouch, explained his action by the fact that the war can lose everything, except for the homeland.Spring came, but then the buzzing sound is muted May beetle bomber.All the soldiers sat down to the ground, and only Basil rises to his full height and firing a rifle, knocking an enemy plane, for which he receives the order.

In his poem is very colorful and accurately depicted the heroism, selflessness and strength of Russian soldier Alexander Twardowski.Vasily Terkin (summary of product detail described his character) is a collective way, so it is so close to many people.