"Svolochnaya" goroskopchik :)

Aries - Impulsive Bastard.
that says it all.Immediately after the offense, or asking for forgiveness - noisy, with a sprinkling ashes on their heads and other theatrical effects (again the next day to take the old);or not to ask - "Pride does not allow."
Excuses "found something", "The devil lured" and so in the same spirit.

Taurus - prudently bastard.
exact opposite of Aries.You can not ask: "you think you're doing?"Often it understands.To calculate in advance where to hit to make it more painful.
Excuses: "You deserved it."

Twins - Frivolous bastard.
often do not realize that behaves like a bastard (half meanders to an analysis of their actions somehow do not have).About forgets made mischief in 5 minutes.
Excuses: "Are you offended? WHY?"

Cancer - All-Of-Himself-Razneschastnaya bastard.You
- bastard, and he - an innocent victim.And always will be, even if the dirty tricks to his credit ten times more than your.Moreover - he takes care of the whole world to know about how you are with him, poor, nasty detour.

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Excuses: "You forced me!"

Leo - narcissistic bastard.
He is great, the other - the garbage underfoot.From this position all his paskudstva arise.
Excuses "I felt like it" - maximum.

Virgin - vindictive bastard.
Somewhere once you have crossed her path (or just badly made at its expense) - get.All these years she was just waiting for an opportunity.
Excuses either deaf nesoznanku - "I ?! But how could you think!", Or a triumphant "But remember ..."

- Sneaky bastard.
general, 1st place in the ranking of bastards.Sneaky, immoral creature.There lied, then slandered, betrayed it - a way of life.And all because of cowardice.
Excuses: None.Nashakalil and hid.

Scorpio - Schematic bastard.
principles can be any, they are not the essence.In terms of its unwieldy and incomprehensible world, you have violated any prohibition and must be punished.He considers himself an instrument of justice (with a capital letter, yes).
Excuses: None.And haughtily upturned chin.

- Scandalous bastard.
Ham tram.Baba marketplace.Have fun on the conflict as such.
Excuses: Senseless lyrics, richly laced with obscenities - in a raised voice.

Capricorn - Limited bastard.
selfish indifference Taurus + Leo + his personal, unique stupidity.More greed - as a seasoning.
Excuses: "It happened."

- Cynical Bastard.
honorary 2nd place.Will do stuff just to laugh at your misery.He has congenital heart disease - I mean it (the heart) absence.
Excuses: "Ha ha."

Fish - Indifferent bastard.
hearing the cry of "Help!" And slams the window tightly wrapped in a blanket.Do not come to you in a hospital where you live out in the last days of injections.And so on in the same spirit.
Excuses: "Every man for himself, I'm sorry."

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