Apostle - who is this?

Although Russian in their faith are not inferior to any other people, though not many of our people can boast that they are familiar with the church terminology.And what's surprising, because all the details of the Orthodox faith can be learned only in a seminary.Yet many still interested in the question: who is the apostle?This disciple of Christ or the holy envoy?

Well, try to understand the meaning of this word, so that in the future more such misunderstandings have arisen.And for this we need to look into the past and find out where there was the first apostle who he was.

disciples of Jesus Christ

Let's start with the fact that the original twelve apostles.They were simple people, who later became a disciple of Jesus Christ and always followed him.From this we can deduce the first meaning of the word: the apostle - is one of the first disciples of Christ.

Lives of the Twelve Apostles is well known, as described in Scripture.The majority of the chapters in the New Testament is written by the same students.So, there is the Gospel of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John.Because of this, they are called the four evangelists of the Lord God.

Bearing the word of God

Later, people began to see a different meaning in the words of the apostle.This was due to the fact that the son of God and disciples themselves have become teachers.As we know, Jesus was crucified on the cross, and then he rose and went to his apostles.He ordered them to convey his words to the people around the world, so that they learned about the kingdom of God.

Apostles obeyed his teacher.They cast lots, which identified each route, and hit the road.Through their work and faith, the world learned about who Jesus Christ was, what he believed and taught.

That is why many people believe that the apostle - a messenger of God, preaching the good news.But in reality, the one and the other value is true, but when we hear the word of the Apostle, somehow always come to mind twelve disciples of Christ.

And there were other apostles?

Yet the apostles were not only Jesus' disciples.So, the church has attributed the title of Saint Paul, although he was not familiar with the life of Christ.Moreover, in some Christian confessions of his doctrine are much higher evangelical.

Also, according to the scripture of Luke, Jesus was sent to all the land of peace and seventy-two of the Apostle, with a variety of assignments and tasks.Eastern Christians honored them just as true disciples of Christ.

So it turns out that the exact number is difficult to determine the Apostles.With confidence we can say only that were the first twelve disciples of Jesus Christ.