The moral of the fable "The Wolf and the Lamb."

plot of many works forever.They were relevant in ancient times, we have not lost relevance today.These include a "wolf and the lamb."The first of them spoke Greek fabulist Aesop.Lamb, suffering from thirst on a hot summer day went to the creek and drank cold water.Wolf decided to eat it.Wishing to justify his act, he indicted that lamb muddied the water, because of what is now the predator can not get drunk.Lamb said that this can not be, because the water it just touches his lips, and is located downstream.Then Wolf said that last year he had insulted his father.Here kid found the arguments, because then it is not yet born, and even if I wanted to, I could not have done it.Wolf noted that Lamb knows his excuses, but it would still be eaten.If someone decided to commit an evil deed, it did not stop.This is the moral of the fable "The Wolf and the Lamb."Then, on the same subject we created a fable Lafontaine, Sumarokov, Derzhavin.In the early 19th century fable of the same name written wings.

moral of the fable "The Wolf and the Lamb"

work in the two main characters, the images of which are important and inconceivable one without the other.Fabulist immediately starts with morality, loudly declaring that when faced strong and weak, to blame in any case would be the last.Further, he assures the reader that there are many historical examples to support this conclusion, and the results are already known episode of the meeting of the Wolf and the Lamb by the stream.

Content. "The Wolf and the Lamb"

Moral work, however, is that the predator was already hungry and immediately had the intention of someone to eat.The kid was not lucky that in his way he got it.It would be in his place bunny or duck, they would have suffered.The moral of the fable "The Wolf and the Lamb" tells of the despair of the weak.However, the wolf wants to justify his actions and says Lamb himself to blame, since prevented him drink some water clean.The elegant expressions Lamb says that this can not be, since it is downstream for 100 meters.Wolf this sensible and polite response is clearly not satisfactory.He starts to cry, that last year the lamb he was rude at the same place.So Wolf entire year could not forgive such insults, and now he will be able to take revenge.Learning that this could not be, since last year the lamb had not yet born, he replied that it was one of his relatives or friends.Lamb reasonably asks, and what have, in fact, he is.Wolf exclaims that he is guilty in the fact that wolf wants to eat.Then he stops to talk with the victim and drags him into the dark forest.

"The Wolf and the Lamb."Analysis

It is believed that in this fable shows powerlessness of the common man before the powers.It becomes clear that the winner is the one who is stronger, but not the one on which side justice.Wolf is rugged, realizing its full impunity.It is often those who have more strength and power, do not have to explain anything, and look for excuses.Krylov knows how difficult it is to stop those on whose side advantageous position.This is the moral of the fable "The Wolf and the Lamb."