People who beat cancer?

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terrible swelling - this is far from what people want to tell others.Unfortunately, our society has gained such a horrific stereotype that cancer can not be cured in any way at all, and people who have already found it, simply will die within 2-3 years.But everyone should understand that the cancer - not a sentence.Not uncommon for ordinary people die from that time did not treat a cancer, and now the stage is running so that nothing can be done.At the same time the people around him (friends, relatives, neighbors, acquaintances, etc.), watching how he suffers, and this is not always going on some short months.Sometimes it happens that patients with advanced stages of cancer have lived for several years.At the same time every day it got worse and worse, the doctors said that 2-3 months - this is their limit.But they did not surrender, they tried to fight.And they were able to resist the disease, because in fact, they could not live more than six months, but they have prolonged his life, but at the same time, of course, is very tormented.But if they immediately go to a doctor, even at the first sign of illness, they would probably have got on our list, called "People beat cancer."They were able to get rid of the disease, as did the heroes of this article, which you'll learn about later.

Often people beat cancer - it is precisely those who immediately went to the hospital.They are the ones who found himself a terrible disease, which has killed a large number of people still in the initial stage.And it was in this period to suppress the tumor in the body of the easiest.Such people do not disclose information that they were able to defeat cancer, but does not say about such a great achievement of their loved ones is simply impossible.

people beat cancer

Some very well-known personalities in the entertainment industry also detect cancer.While an ordinary person does not want to disclose about their disease, a tumor of a particular celebrity world know almost instantly.Apparently, the walls have ears really.No one is immune from this terrible disease, preventive measures do not exist.However, doctors do not stop to convince people that the cancer - not a sentence.Defeating the disease is under force to everyone who just wants very much, who have the incentive to live.

Stars, who defeated the tumor is actually a lot.Beat cancer strong spirit.It is necessary to respect those people who not only got rid of the disease, but also told her the story of a huge number of ordinary people.Now we talk more about celebrities, we know the history of defeat cancer in our pop stars, singers and many favorite singers, actors and writers.

Robert De Niro

Robert De Niro was 60 years old when he learned that he had cancer.In mid-2003 a man, as usual, went for a routine inspection, as it is always very closely monitor their health.The tumor has not yet had time to develop, so doctors are not the least bit doubtful in their predictions and confidence that all will be well, that there is no danger to life.Doctors gave only the most optimistic forecasts, after the operation, waiting for a man in front was not very complicated.

Robert De Niro has been made prostatectomy.This operation - one of the most radical surgery, and doctors performed it successfully.Sixty man survived the procedure, which is carried out only to people with terrifying male prostate tumors.

himself recovery process was very active, quickly and without any complications, which could lead not only to the poor health of the famous actor, but also, of course, death.Since then, Robert De Niro won his illness, has been more than 12 years, and the hero continues to act in films.For a decent amount of time viewers saw this actor in more than 25 motion pictures, where he played a major and minor roles.Who is Robert De Niro boldly declares that there is life after cancer.

Darya Dontsova

very well-known writer of detectives, who, incidentally, remain popular despite the fact that since its release has been more than 10 years, too, can claim that she is familiar with cancer very well.For the first time in her life she faced this disgusting disease a long time ago, more than 10 years ago.In 1998, Daria learned that she has cancer, but this was still not the worst news for the writer, because later the doctors told her that her last (fourth) stage of the cancer.This proved the words of one of the doctors: "You're no more than 3 months ...ยป

It is because of the fact that Daria still defeated the fourth stage of the disease, people are asking for many years as Doncova beat cancer.Terrible breast cancer simply make a woman afraid ... afraid that she would die.At this time, Daria could think only of the deadly disease, because it already at that time there were several children and elderly mother, for which it is necessary to take care of, and in the end, common pets, who also need care.Because of this Doncova just could not die, she began to struggle, knowing that the way it is not the easiest.Women cope with the terrible cancer, she overcame it, and helped her to the fact that she began to write books.She found her favorite hobby - a hobby that lives to this day.

Angelina Jolie

This young and attractive girl experienced a lot: over 5 years ago (in 2007) Angelina Jolie ever parted with his beloved mother, whose name was Marcheline Bertrand.The mother of the actress died of ovarian cancer.The disease came to the woman in 57 years when she was physically unable to overcome its causes.One of the most beautiful women in Hollywood, Jolie, very worried because of the death of his mother, but to do something it was too late.After the funeral, the famous lady thought about whether we can beat cancer at all?

But a few years ago Hollywood star told the public that she suffered a very serious operation - mastectomy.When the lady passed the tests again (already after the surgery was carried out), the doctors told her that her risk of disease decreased by more than 80%.Earlier, the likelihood that Jolie ill with cancer, was almost 90%, that is likely to "bypass" the disease almost was not.

Yuri Nikolaev

In mid-2007 in the famous Russian TV presenter, as well as the person who was the founder of the famous and beloved in all Slavic countries of the contest called "Morning Star", learned the terrible news that he had cancer.And it was colon cancer, which is almost impossible to win.

This man did not even think to give up, he fought with increasing tumor more than two years.After Jury learned of his terrible terminal illness as he says himself, the world is suddenly turned into something terrible.It was like something out of colored and turned bright blue-black.

disease begins to progress, time was short, but the man did not give up and continued to fight desperately.Yuri Nikolaev believed in God, he was not going to give cancer to spoil his plans for the future.And he won, he beat this hideous disease.Already broadcaster is healthy and does not need medical assistance, which is not to say then.Unlike other stars, Nikolaev does not trust Western medicine, so he was treated in Moscow.

Kylie Minogue

This is a very famous young pop star in 2005 went on tour across the wider Europe, where, in fact, learned that she had a horrible fatal disease - breast cancer.According to the girl, when the doctor told her that she had breast cancer, just beginning to leave the land from under their feet.She immediately resigned from his illness, she thought it was already dying, but, thank God, was wrong.The next day, after Kylie learned of her diagnosis, she has canceled all future travel plans, and concerts, apologized to his fans who have already purchased tickets for the show.Of course, the lady had to tell the world she is sick, she is terminally ill.Pop star support and wished her good luck and the most important thing - health.She, in turn, promised that the cancer would win and return to the big stage to delight their fans.In the end, Kylie Minogue has kept its promise.She overcame breast cancer, and again returned to the scene.

first woman survived long surgery to remove part of the breast, and then withstood several courses of radiotherapy and chemotherapy, and then, in fact, returned to her work, telling everyone that she got rid of the deadly disease.

Vladimir Pozner

In late 1993, Vladimir Pozner - known correspondent of the Russian Federation, found that he was diagnosed with cancer.Health professionals have convinced the man that specifically in his case, the disease poses no danger to health as Cancer tumor was detected at an early stage.Therefore, we can say that Vladimir was lucky, because the pass rate doroguschy long and painful chemotherapy, it was not necessary.However, for some reason, doctors urged the journalist to agree to an immediate surgery to remove the tumor.

large role in the speedy recovery of Vladimir played it his relatives, who always tried to be there.Family Posner behaved as if everything is in order, as if nothing had happened, but the disease did not hear anybody.And what was the result Posner?Someone knows how to beat cancer, and some of it just does not think.But some people have to overcome the terrible disease, making it in every way possible.And Posner able to beat cancer!

And for more than twenty years of Vladimir Pozner lives quietly.But he still held examinations, because I understand that the health - this is important!

Charlotte Lewis Charlotte

in those days, when she was discovered oncology lung was young and charming girl.Looking at her, it was hard to tell that she was sick a terrible disease that often leads to death.When the doctor saw only actress to put before her diagnosis, he was surprised because the lady looked very good.Therefore, the doctor thought it was some kind of mistake, but still held a survey and analysis.

Oncology light - this is a disease which defeated Charlotte.After getting rid of the terrible disease has been more than thirty years.But at the time she was not afraid to give up chemotherapy.And it was, as we can see, the right decision.

Lance Armstrong

This man can easily be called a legend of cycling, because it is a seven-time winner of the competition known in France under the name of Tour de France.Lance is one of those individuals who defeated cancer, despite the fact that the doctors did not give them a chance at all.Doctors diagnosed "testicular cancer" when the disease has already passed the last stage, which proves that the chance of winning is not there.

Then, in 1996, the man gave his written consent to the use of it is very risky new methods of treatment of cancer of the penis, which could easily lead to a variety of troubles and side effects.True faith in himself that, in fact, inherent in professional athletes, only helped Lance Armstrong win the most important win of his life - a victory over cancer.Lance - a man who knows firsthand how to beat cancer.

Iosif Kobzon

Russian singer also once fought a cancer, but a cure for such an elderly man did not go so smoothly as, of course, we would like.Exactly 10 years ago, in 2005, he found that the terminally ill.Doctors insisted on the immediate conduct of the operation, so he went to Germany Kobzon, where, in fact, it was removed the tumor has poor.But it was much more difficult, because the surgery is committed for the benefit of, resulted in a number of very different health problems artist.After surgery, the immune man was so weakened that it could infect everything they want.It should also be noted that after the treatment of a tumor, or rather its removal from Kobzon small lung formed thrombus, and renal tissue inflammation occurred.Four years later, Kobzon was made the next operation.And to this day the famous Russian actor continues to be treated, and it is, in spite of the age, it is possible to overcome the disease.

Lyme Vajkule

terrible disease has not been spared, and one of the most famous Russian singers - Lima Vajkule.Over twenty years ago, in 1991, in the United States, doctors have a girl diagnosed with breast cancer.It is known to be a very insidious disease, which could easily lead to the death of the singer.Since the pathology was detected by American doctors very much later, the chances of survival in Lima Vajkule simply no choice.The singer has regarded this disease as something important, something more.She believes that God gave her so little push to the fact that it once and for all to rethink the purpose of his life.There followed a long and intensive treatment of the tumor, but Vajkule still beat cancer once and then went back to his artistic career.