Pushkin "Blizzard": Summary of works

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In 1830 finished writing a series of stories, "Tales of the Late Ivan Petrovich Belkin" Pushkin."Blizzard" - is one of the five works from this popular collection of the great master.At the center of the story - the fate of the girl, the daughter of landlords trying to overcome all the vicissitudes of life in the name of love.Summary of the story can be read below.

Pushkin "Blizzard".Entry

happened in 1811.In the village he lived a landlord Nenaradovo Gavrila Gavrilovich with his wife and daughter.Their family was exemplary, the neighbors loved to visit them on a visit.Near the beautiful Marya Gavrilovna, which was the eighteenth year of age, curled eligible bachelor.But the girl, who adored French novels about love, all denied.On it was a good reason.The fact that Mary was secretly in love with a poor ensign Vladimir Nikolaevich.For the latter, it was not a mystery, it was mutual sympathy.Young lovers secretly met in the grove near the old chapel.They had to go into hiding because of the girl's parents discontent choice of his daughter.The friendly and hospitable landlords refused to Vladimir Nikolaevich warm welcome in their home.Secret meetings could not continue for long and the couple decided to get married without their blessing.Then, after some time, after the wedding, the young supposed to throw them at his feet and beg for forgiveness.In the meantime, it was agreed that Marya Gavrilovna affect the patient in the evening and retired to his chambers.After the lights went out in the house, it will have to wait three horses to the driver.On it she had to go to the village Zhadrino located nearby.There, in the old church, the young married when three witnesses.So begins the story of Pushkin "Blizzard".Next will be a completely unexpected event.Throughout his narrative the author keeps the reader in suspense.

Pushkin "Blizzard".Developments

events begin to unfold as planned.As soon as supper was served, Masha said the patient, and went to her room.Parents do not notice anything unusual in the behavior of his daughter.As time went on, it was dark outside.The street was played a real blizzard.The wind had covered the road, and it was impossible to see what is ahead, further than a meter.It was at this time Maria, accompanied by his serf girl came out of his father's house, in the village and went to three Zhadrino.And Vladimir, meanwhile, is also going on the road.He decided to go one on one horse wagon, taking with him an escort.As soon as the hero was on the snow swept road, he realized how stupid committed, because it was not visible in front of anything.Relying on the grace of God, Ensign decided to go further.He soon lost his way.The road was completely lost, the horse sank into the snow.Suddenly, he saw a light and went to his light.It turned out that Vladimir drove to an unfamiliar village and the village Zhadrino, where she was waiting for his bride, he is on the sidelines.Getting there at the appointed hour was impossible.When the lieutenant came to the village, the church was already closed, people were nowhere to be.He turned and went home.

Pushkin "Blizzard".Decoupling

The next day after this event, parents found Masha morning in bed sick.The girl began fever.In his delirium she called Vladimir Nikolaevich and tried to tell the details of that terrible night.Caused by caring parents doctor said the cause of the disease - psychological, probably unrequited love.Then the girl's mother relented, deciding that, apparently, the fate of her daughter - a poor army lieutenant.She sent Vladimir Nikolaevich invitation to visit their home.But, surprisingly, he refused, asking not to disturb him more.Two weeks after these events, Masha recovered and did not seem to remember his abortive groom.Shortly Vladimir was sent to the army.Masha found his name in the list of the wounded at Borodino.He died in a Moscow hospital.It was not only the loss of life of a poor girl.Her father, Gavril Gavrilovich died a short time later, leaving her daughter good condition.Grooms swirled around Masha, but all she refuses.Only one of the young woman belonged in particular - to the colonel of the hussars Burmin.It would seem that nothing could ruin the joy of these two people.However, there was a wall between them, a kind of reticence that prevented their rapprochement.All resolved after a frank conversation Masha and Burmin.

Colonel told the girl that he can not marry her, as married to another.A few years ago in a snowstorm it has brought in some village where he decided to take refuge in the church.There was a light flashed people.Once a young man came in, they rushed to him with the words: "Finally you came!".In the corner sat the pale young lady.It is put together with him at the altar, the priest made a wedding ceremony.When the bride turned to him to kiss her, then she screamed and fainted.Colonel hurried out of the church.Several years passed, and he still does not know who his wife is crowned and where she is.Hearing this story, Maria Gavrilovna exclaimed: "And you do not recognize me?".Burmin fell at her feet.This episode finished his story "Snowstorm" Pushkin.

excerpt from the ballads Zhukovsky "Svetlana" in the epigraph works suggests that these two works of great authors are very similar.They traced a general mystical mood.All the events are not random, and predetermined destiny.