"Northanger Abbey" - a book within a book

Jane Austen, author of "Northanger Abbey", quite different from most of the classics of both British and world.This is due to the fact that she had a unique gift - to write about what happens in everyday life, but it makes it so that the reader literally devoured her works.It started its activities in the early 19th century and enriched the old genres of classical literature feminine grace, wisdom and depth of judgment.Plus everything else, she was able to break away from the mundane monumental and old canons.

┬źNorthanger Abbey" is a story of amazing, gentle and even somewhat naive love, but when combined with sparkling humor.That is why the book is not only attracts the female half of the readers, but also men.Also, it is full of mysterious adventures and different situations, which, of course, have a fairly ridiculous concept.Basically, when the reader is familiar with Jane, then he should get used to humor her serious work, because it can not do without it.

distinctive feature of the book "Northanger Abbey" can be called that in the product plays an important role of the heroine love to read.That is, there are other additional novels in the Gothic style, and they have a significant impact on Katherine.Therefore, if you remove them from the product, and it will disappear by itself.In fact, we can say that the author describes all the dangers inherent in the literature itself.Apparently, the writer is a contradiction did not bother.Moreover, when the future of classical music skillfully manages to sneer at literature, reading becomes the most fascinating.One thing is certain, no matter what high standards set any author, he was able to achieve them.

In fact, the novel "Northanger Abbey" was written at a time when just started the fashion for all sorts of horror and mystery, as well as gothic novels.Austin tried to create their own masterpiece, but at the same time she did not want to give their positions to other authors who did not depart from the popular genres of the time.And she turned to invest close to her love story horror fashion, without which no decent English castle should not do.

For example, the book "Northanger Abbey" Jane Austen was able to prove to the world that the real masterpieces of literature will never go out of fashion, do not become obsolete.Today you can find many people who would be able to associate themselves with the heroes of the novel, compare different everyday situations and experience difficulties with humor, which, in principle, and tried to teach his readers writer.And for the past two centuries, and children and adults happy experience of my life, Catherine and the people who surround it.

Thus, "Northanger Abbey" - a book that wants to read even on the assumption that it is a classic and studied in British schools.There is no more serious and dramatic novel that would be so masterfully conducted through a veil of irony and humor of the English.And if any book lover has not had time to enjoy the satire and mischief Miss Austen, he can only envy, because in front of him the whole story of an old English castle with its residents and visitors.