List of Andersen's fairy tales: make up your own!

He was surprisingly ugly, shunned human society and looked gloomy.But this long-nosed Dane had a remarkable gift: to see the miraculous in the ordinary and gray, animate objects and invest philosophical wisdom and subtle humor in the mouths of his characters.

List of Andersen's fairy tales includes hundreds of works.Different sources are found numbers from 150 to 180. Sometimes, a sudden sensation happens, and the world learns of a new magical story, found by chance in our time.This happened with "tallow candles" discovered a year ago, in December 2012, the home of the Dane in Odense.Manuscript accidentally "unearthed" in the local archives for kilograms of waste paper.

Perhaps each reader can have its own list of Andersen's fairy tales.Some sources maintain records to display each of the author's published works, thus obtaining own popularity rating of fairy tales.Sometimes they differ quite significantly.Somewhere in the top three winners turned out to be the famous "Thumbelina", "The Snow Queen" and "The Princess and the Pea."And somewhere in the lead with a wide margin captured "The Little Mermaid."However

basis anyway are the most known and loved by all Andersen's fairy tales.List, other than those listed above, supplement "Flint" with its thrilling story, autobiographical "The Ugly Duckling", heartwarming "The Steadfast Tin Soldier", a fun "Swineherd" and a collection of stories for a week - "Ole".They chose the time and thousands of readers - young, mature and graying.

But there is a Danish visionary and less popular works that are as beautiful.If we make a complete list of Andersen's fairy tales, and they can not be forgotten!It is a brilliant story for adults called "childish chatter" should become a handbook for each teacher, educator, parent.On two pages storyteller tells us about the love of children (not only to his!), About the danger of labeling, on the vicissitudes of fate and fortune.

In one weekend arrange a celebration: re-read the great stories and make your own list of Andersen's fairy tales that you will recommend to friends.History "What did not come ..." tells the story of a poetic gift, the ability to "catch a ray of sunshine" and not think about yourself.A bitter ending tale sounds unusually important, and refers to the Soviet era, when writers persecuted those who did not ashamed, said: "I myself have not read this book, but I think ...".

amusing tale "Oh hubby does, okay! 'Wives teach humility and the ability to love the wife as he is.The history of "real truth" will speak about how the snowball picking up gossip, transmitted by "word of mouth".And how funny and instructive tale "about how the storm outweighed signs"!

not pass by the Danish writer's creativity.Let your kids will love the fairy tale by Hans Christian Andersen.The list of works that subtly bring the curious and noisy boys and girls, be sure to include a whole series of stories."Wild Swans", "The Shepherdess and the Chimney Sweep", "Nightingale", "Galoshes of happiness" and "elderberry Mother" - these wonderful tales so nice to read, sheltered warm blanket in cold weather.Rate of humor, wisdom and artistic skill of the author.Already he had the gift to catch a sunbeam.