What color are your thoughts?

Fly, fly petal through the west to the east ... Remember this story?Is there any girl could wish to fulfill one wonderful flower.To tear bright petal, let the will of the wind - and there is no problem.

Alas, real life problems can not be solved so easily.And with magical colors in the modern world ... some deficit.Whether all ended, or was not them at all ...

And unpleasant situations - more than enough.Especially in the field of interpersonal relations, which largely determines the quality of our lives.Not a love story develops, it is impossible to talk with their children, increases misunderstandings with relatives, friends - who ever does not pass through this trouble?

in such a situation a person does?Unless, of course, he was not used all of his failures blamed on the machinations of an evil and dastardly environment?That's right, he begins to understand itself, to look at the problem from "grow legs".It can not do it yourself - consult a professional psychologist.This is where the fun begins.

That will never see a psychologist?

Decide on a visit to a specialist such structure - a move worthy of respect.It is assumed that the person is ready to open all of its ins and outs.Ready to heed the advice of psychologists and change ourselves and our relationship to the world.

It is always difficult.It is almost always painful.And it does not always have a successful ending.Unfortunately.For one simple reason: the psychological aspect of a person is much deeper and more complex than it is the official science.Thin sphere of interpersonal relationships has a fine structure.We just something to think - and our brain is sending into space an electrical charge that has certain characteristics.

emotionally reacted to something - immediately change our physiological parameters (heart rate, temperature, etc.).We did not observe these jumps, and changed the vibration of the body will have to adjust the energy-information field around us.

And it's not fancy.It is very real processes that can capture and measure using ultra-sensitive equipment.

On the waves of alien sentiment

Just imagine what you would see if you looked at the world "through the eyes" of these devices!

not have houses, cars, trees and people.Around - a cacophony of colors, pulsating flashes undulating pulses.Electrostatic discharge and electromagnetic radiation, sound and light waves penetrate the air, every millisecond changing its sound.

And the lion's share in this energy riot hold human thoughts and emotions, which is quite a fit perfectly into the overall picture.Since, in fact, have a similar man-made and natural radiation structure.Let

more subtle and less tangible.But the same real.And all this goes through a person.Something through, without consequences.Something settles in, gradually changing the "adjustment" of our body.Not always for the better.

And if such mental influence is directed specifically at you?If it is exacerbated by hatred, the desire to hurt?You go to a psychologist, to rethink their internal installation, you try to look at other people's eyes.And around the world still continues to crumble as a house of cards.Because you took the negative energy program from the outside and are unable to resist it.

Skill New Time

Previously, it would be called damage or the evil eye.And refer to the local witch for help."Today it is called the psychic influence and ... also refer to the magicians", - says Mikhail Bogorodskiy hereditary sorcerer Master International category of the Academy of Parapsychology and dedicated to the highest level of a few magical order.Omens, lapels, love, sex and business magic - all included in the possibility of Michael."The skilled magician lives under the power to change anyone - he says.- Home to the well-being of one person is not built on the misfortune of another. "

He calls himself a master of the New Age.PhD, has several academic education and more than a dozen patents on various inventions - judging by Michael, modern magicians are nothing like the dense medieval sorcerers.

only thing that unites this type of professionals (regardless of age stay) and different from ordinary people - their hypersensitivity.They "hear" our energy, they are like a book, "read" our information field.They can track down the source of failures and, most importantly, to neutralize its negative impact.Well ... Fly, fly petal through the west to the east ... And to make sure that all our troubles are over.Energy bursts that not everyone can see.

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