Ostrovsky, "Bezpridannitsa": a summary of the play

His immortal plays we know Ostrovsky."Bride" - is one of the most important works of the great masters.This article provides a summary of the play.The action takes place in a big city on the Volga Bryahimove.It is a fictional town, you will not find on the map.

Ostrovsky, "Bezpridannitsa": a summary.Act I

Place: Summer outdoor area near the coffee shop.The old rich merchant and Knurov young novice trader Vozhevatov sitting at a table and discuss news: local beauty Larissa Ogudalova marries poor and stupid official Karandyshev.It happened this way.In the house of her family was always going to a lot of people came famous suitors who tried to woo a girl.Larisa poor, and her marriage should improve the material situation of the family.Her mother wants to find her daughter Parti.But at last such a reception in the house Ogudalova a scandal when the next groom was arrested in front of the bride failed.After that Larissa made a promise to marry the first who woo her.And this despite the fact that the heart of the beautiful is not free.She is in love with "a brilliant master" Paratov who turned the girl's head and immediately left.Poor, but with immodest claim Karandyshev time came to hand Larissa and proposed to her, to which she agreed.All this and discussed Vozhevatov and Knurov in a coffee shop.The first of them was waiting for the arrival Paratov who sold him his ship "Swallow".We went to meet "a brilliant master" of Roma and songs.Meanwhile Ogudalova and Karandyshev appear in a coffee shop.Newly-born bride Larisa puts on airs, and wanting to make an impression on the public, invitations to dinner Knurova.

Ostrovsky, "Bezpridannitsa": a summary.Act II

Main Venue: home Ogudalova.Soon the coffee shop appears Paratov accompanied by some of Robinson - provincial actor, and reports that marries a rich girl "gold mines".In honor of this event, he organizes a picnic for men Volga and invites him Knurova and Vozhevatova.But they refused, arguing that they had invited to dinner at the house Ogudalova.Soon Knurov comes into the house beautiful Larissa.There he takes the conversation with her mother, in which he accuses the woman that she was to marry his daughter to marry a beggar man.Knurov offers itself as a protector of Larissa.He is confident that it will soon be disappointed in her worthless husband, and "powerful friend" it will be very necessary.

After this conversation, he leaves.Larisa appears in the living room.She takes guitar, wanting to fulfill his signature song "Do not tempt me ...".But the tool is upset, and beauty is calling from the street gypsy that he established it.Last informs the girl that came to the city gentleman, who "waited the whole year."This Paraty.Soon, the hero of the urban commotion in the house appears Ogudalova.Mother Larissa takes it very gently and asks where he left so quickly.Paratov tells the woman that was forced to leave the city to save the remnants of his estate.Out he found in marriage to heiress.The room appears Larissa.Young people going explanation alone.Beauty Paratov recognized that still continues to love him.Soon she introduces him to her fiance Karandyshev who calls his master to dinner.Paratov accepts the invitation only in order to make fun of the hapless suitor.

Ostrovsky."Bezpridannitsa."(Summary). Act III

Place: Karandyshev office.In the room there are all invited guests.Cabinet removed poor and tasteless.The same can be said about its owner.Visitors discuss cheap wine, crappy dinner and misunderstanding Karandyshev his humiliating position.Larissa says that invited pour a glass of wine in her groom, laughing at him.That, in turn, puts on airs and does not notice the mockery.Boss sent for cognac and Larissa at this time trying to persuade men to join the company, headed by Paratov, which is preparing to go on a picnic for the Volga.Returning bridegroom finds the bride.Now he knows that a good laugh over it.Grabbing his gun, he escapes to look for her.

Ostrovsky, "Bezpridannitsa": a summary. Act IV

Place: new coffee shop.Robinson arrives on the scene, which did not take on a picnic.Karandyshev trying to find out from where his guests went to Larissa.Failing to get anything from Robinson, frustrated bride runs on in search of his bride.Soon come to a coffee shop and Knurov Vozhevatov who discuss the current situation Larissa Ogudalovoy.They understand that Paratov compromised the girl, but to marry her, he would not.Therefore they have a chance to make his beautiful mistress.In order to decide which of them has the right to do, throw a coin dealers.The lot falls to Mr. Knurovu.Vozhevatov promises him eliminated.

Meanwhile Paratov between Larissa and the conversation takes place where the master thank the girl for her love.Belle yearns to hear that it is now the favorite to marry her.But he says it is impossible, as it already has a fiancee.Realizing that her position is hopeless, Larissa comes to the deck railing in the intention to jump into the water.At this time there Karandyshev and says that everything is simple bride.But she insults him and drives away.Enraged by the groom shoots and kills her Larissa.She gratefully accepts this death.

Drama Ostrovsky "Bride" was filmed in 1984 by director E. Ryazanov.This is the most popular artistic interpretation of the play.It called the film "Cruel Romance".This tape will soon already thirty years, and we continue to look at her with awe and interest.