How to make her husband jealous

Why do at least once in the life of each of us felt discomfort caused by a pang of jealousy?Psychologists say that jealousy - is a manifestation of instinct, pledged nature.Everyone needs love and is afraid of losing the favor of the beloved.Educated and illiterate, educated and simple - instinctively to a greater or lesser extent, all people are susceptible to jealousy.

How to make him jealous?

Some men are not able to provide tokens and express tender feelings.The only evidence that a woman named road becomes jealousy.That's why most women appreciated the manifestation of male jealousy, especially if the relationship has long been formed, mature, and erstwhile passion has vanished from a cocktail of feelings.Implicitly knowing that no one in the world is not without instincts, women experiencing marital emotional hunger, starts looking for a way to make her husband jealous again to make sure it is attachment, feel the power of his love.The popular psychologist Alexander Sviyash proposes to distinguish jealousy "male" and "female" type.Features of different types of jealousy should be explored before to make her husband jealous, do not be surprised to obtain results.

How jealous woman

Women's jealousy - it is fear for their future and the fate of children.Fear of losing love makes elect a woman to arrange her husband loud tantrums or think about how to make her husband jealous.It so happens that masculine qualities are manifested weakly at the partner, and it behaves "the female type": also likes loudly and emotionally express their grievances.This type of relationship is characterized by saying "of lovers ...".It is these manifestations of jealousy of a man waiting for a woman, because they allow her to quickly, efficiently and safely to ensure their relevance to a loved one.And deep disappointment befalls those beautiful ladies, who got in the life of the satellites real man.Rather than start to shout loudly about his affection, that he is afraid of losing his "precious woman," he reveals his jealousy of male pattern ...

How jealous man

man for centuries to bearburden of responsibility for their family.He - a hunter and a warrior and protector earner.His whole life - the struggle for survival and prosperity kind.Jealousy - a protective mechanism that allows a man to always be on guard to protect the borders of the conquered territory, their property, their women, their offspring.If the nature of your life companion distinguished male essence, he is - the present owner, and will not allow attacks on its treasures.Jealousy male pattern requires the establishment of total control and, in high-risk cases, the use of force.Physiologists have shown that the male body reacts to the release of hormones jealousy, forcing the blood rushes to the muscles, and the natural reaction of a man getting increased physical activity.That is, to put it mildly, in such moments, unchecked power output required.There is an uncontrollable desire to destroy the opponent, and simultaneously crush all the other things that came across.Every living creature be unwise at this moment within reach jealous.So national sign that the effort and love - it's the same thing, now has a serious scientific study.Before you get jealous, you should consider the possible consequences of this act.

do without battering

psychologists in one voice say that if a person is jealous, it means one thing: he was not sure that he is worthy of love.The more a man sure of his merits, the less it depends on the grade and feeling object of his love, the less and less a pang of jealousy.So let's not humiliate their loved ones and get them to doubt its merits.Instead of thinking how to make her husband jealous, think of a way to brush up his feelings - affection, interest and passion - the true expression of love.Take care of yourself, Pesto your body and soul: paint, sculpt, take pictures, sign up for aerobics, dancing, go to the one-day hike, the exhibition, concert.And buy yourself a beautiful bouquet of flowers.And you make sure to cause jealousy among men - a simple affair.But it's much nicer to feel trust.