Martin Scorsese: filmography and biography

Legendary director Martin Scorsese in his '72 was the living embodiment of classic cinema.This unique man of genius and talented in everything, for whatever he undertook.In addition to directing, he also distinguished himself as a great writer, actor and producer.

Early Years

Martin Scorsese (photo you will see in the article) - American with Italian roots was born in New York in 1942.Despite the fact that the native Martin Queens Quarter was the center of crime in the city, a Catholic boy's family was very proper and pious.Scorsese grew quite weak and sickly child, tormented by his asthma.Therefore, relatives are often led the young Scorsese in movies, where he formed his passion for the future.However, the parents decided otherwise by the Catholic school for Scorsese.Martin had become a priest, but as a family disagree with the decision, he dropped out of parochial school and enrolled in the College of Science and Art in New York, where in 1964 received a bachelor's degree.After that, the future director decided to serve in the army, and only after she returned to school in 1966 he entered the University of New York.

first work

Already at the time of the student Martin Scorsese began work on several short films, the most famous of which - "Specific haircut", condemning the US intervention in the conflict with Vietnam.In those same years beyond the first feature film of the young director - "Who's That Knocking at My Door?", Where the main role played Harvey Keitel, at that time still an unknown young actor.Originally called "I'll call the first" it was decided to replace it.The debut of the creative duo turned out so successful that Scorsese has repeatedly worked with Harvey in his films.By the way, Martin Scorsese - one of the few permanent directors who work with their favorite actors over the years, taking them to the most diverse films, thereby revealing their great potential.Following was "Bertha nicknamed" Boxcar "" and "street scene".

first successes

Year 1973rd Martin became the first breakthrough, because the screens out drama "Mean Streets", where starring Keitel were involved, and begins at the moment the actor Robert De Niro.You could say that this first collaboration of two masters of the future of Hollywood in a kind of a turning point of the American cinema, it is with this film began a long and very fruitful work of two talented people gave the world a considerable number of high-quality films.The audience highly appreciated film about real life in New York's Little Italy, Scorsese, who directed.Martin continued to improve and in 1974 released a dramatic picture of "Alice does not live here anymore."Leading actress Ellen Burstyn won the "Oscar", and the film was very well received at the Cannes Film Festival.

Home incredible tandem

But 1976 was a very eventful from Scorsese.Martin married a second time, his choice was a writer Julia Cameron.On the first marriage director very little is known of his first wife's name was Lareyn Marie Brennan.The couple had a daughter, Catherine.But apart from love affairs Scorsese received the Palme d'Or at the Cannes Film Festival for the film "Taxi Driver" and other awards and prizes, including the tape was marked with four nominations for "Oscar".We can assume that the motion picture is fully opened to the audience and critics skills talented director.Although reviews of the film have been different, and some rather negative, in general, it is only spurred interest in the "taxi driver", the main role in which masterfully embodied De Niro.

crisis and rebirth

On the wave of success in 1977 came the musical drama "New York, New York", and the next year - a documentary film "The Last Waltz".But 1978 was marked by depression and creative director of the crisis, which was followed by a divorce with his wife, resulting in Martin Scorsese was in the hospital, reportedly, from a drug overdose.Pull it out of this state could friend and colleague Robert De Niro, interested new project wizard.Since work began on the "Raging Bull," the story of boxing stars of the last century Jake LaMotta, played by De Niro.Striking is the fact that the actor nearly two years in boxing specifically for the role, as he coached his Lamotte.In the end, thanks to the coordinated work of the creative duo film was a masterpiece.In life, Scorsese began a new phase, marked by a nomination for "Oscar" and acquaintance with his future wife Isabella Rossellini.

Orientation Hollywood

«King of Comedy" was the first unsuccessful film with Robert De Niro in the lead role, who took Martin Scorsese.Filmography eminent director of this failure was not damaged, but other creative ways parted.Behind there was another not very successful motion picture - "After work", distracting from the overall style of the director's work, she did not deserve the attention of a wider audience, the critics and even accepted it graciously.And now "The Color of Money" on the billiard professionals with the legendary Paul Newman and rising star Tom Cruise in 1986 very successfully was received by the audience.Unlike most of the major early and ostrosotsialnyh film director who perfectly evaluated European film critics, this tape was aimed at Hollywood, but rather the public.This point once again proved the genius of the master, which can please and demanding critics, and varied tastes of the audience.With regard to the personal life of the director, in 1983 he divorced Rossellini and in 1985 married producer Barbara De Fine.

creative experiment

«The Last Temptation of Christ" came to the big screen in 1988, it is perhaps one of the most controversial and controversial films Scorsese.Martin worked on a tape with several different denominations.As a Catholic, he transferred to the screen the story of an Orthodox Nikos Kazantzakis and screenwriter Paul Schrader turned Calvinist.There was also a kind of casting.Christ, for example, played by Willem Dafoe, previously famous for the roles of villains and criminals, and rock musician David Bowie embodied the role of Pontius Pilate.Despite the fact that the statement was subjected to harsh criticism by religious representatives, Martin Scorsese received another nomination for "Oscar".Standard gangster movie - "Goodfellas", released in 1990, again reunited tandem De Niro, Joe Pesci and Scorsese, as in "Raging Bull", on the same site.The next picture is brought only nomination, the long-awaited "Oscar" film director and has not received.But fruitful trio five years later gave the world an exciting "Casino" of the gambling mafia.It was the eighth joint project of friends Robert De Niro and Scorsese, whom Steven Spielberg called "Yin and Yang".

Martin Scorsese.Filmography: Director not only

In the future, Martin Scorsese revealed new facets of his talent, trying himself in atypical for him paintings, such as the historical drama "Kundun" about Tibet and the thriller "Bringing Out the Dead," with Nicolas Cage.Up until 2002, it was shot many more different films, directed by Martin Scorsese.Filmography American of Italian origin is different in that many of the projects he produced for a large part of writing the script, and appeared in small roles in more than half of his films.Since 2002 began a new phase of the creative genius of the master of the way, his new protégé is a young and talented Leonardo DiCaprio.Among their joint work - a considerable number of incredibly successful films, but for "The Departed," Scorsese finally got his "Oscar".Movies with DiCaprio in the title role: "The Departed," "The Aviator," "Gangs of New York", "The Wolf of Wall Street", "Shutter Island" - undoubtedly the best films of Martin Scorsese.The list, of course, would be incomplete without his earliest masterpieces, "Mean Streets," "Taxi Driver," "Raging Bull," "The Color of Money," "Goodfellas," "Casino".In addition to feature films and short films, among his works including several musical films, music video King of Pop Michael Jackson's song "Bad" and the documentary "A Personal Journey with Martin Scorsese Through American Movies."

Present and future plans

Currently brilliant director does not stop there.The next year is expected to yield new film - "Silence."And apparently, the tape is going to be intriguing.From 1999 to this day lives in Scorsese's favorite New York with his fifth wife - Helen Morris, married to Francesca which was born - the third daughter of the director.Martin engaged in transcendental meditation and promotes it to the masses, proving its necessity for people suffering from nervous disorders.