Corner bath in a small bathroom.

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For each person have great value comfortable accommodation.With a small amount of an apartment or house is especially acute problem is compact and convenient place all the necessary elements of a bathroom.

principle of placing a corner bath

A bathroom can be rightfully considered the most visited place in the house or apartment.This bath is a central feature of the space.Today, the huge choice of baths of different materials and different shapes.

in a small space is very important to place the compact plumbing.Corner bath in a small bathroom not only saves precious space in the room, but also creates favorable conditions for personal hygiene, or just relaxing after a hard day.

Bath this design will not only help to save more space, but also remarkably fit into any interior.Today it has become very popular to install corner bath.Sizes and prices are selected on the basis of floor space and financial capability of consumers.

Types baths

This plumbing is made of different materials.Mainly corner baths are offered:

  • steel;
  • iron;
  • acrylic;
  • of polymer and acrylic.

steel corner bath in a small bathroom will look presentable especially if its surface is covered with enamel.Furthermore, an enamel coating makes it practical and durable in use.A significant advantage is the reasonable price.A disadvantage is not too high heat saving.

most common type of the product in question is a cast-iron bathtub.It keeps a good temperature of the water and does not require special care, as well as easy to install in spite of its great weight.

unique design have a bath, made from polymer with acrylic.This small corner tub located in the bathroom is compact and give the room an incredibly luxurious look.

size baths

Corner tubs are symmetrical and asymmetrical.At its largest, they, too, are different: from 120 to 185 sentimentality.They connect either the right or left side.

Basically corner baths have the following dimensions:

  • 180 * 130 cm;
  • 115 * 72 cm.

Regardless of the size of the market of sanitary ware, they are available in three forms:

  • lobe;
  • truncated drops;
  • fan.

smallest Symmetrical acrylic bathtub has a size of only 120 to 120 of sentiment, and the biggest - 156 by 156 centimeters.

Bath asymmetric angular dimensions in a range of 140 to 185 centimeters and 75 to 105 centimeters.Models of the small size installed without problems even in small bathrooms.

Acrylic asymmetric corner bathtub will impress not only their appearance, but also ease of installation.Acrylic does not separate, so that performance characteristics are greatly increased.The downside can be considered as the fragility of the material of construction of the plumbing.It is subject to scratches and mechanical damage.


Corner bath in a small room is set very quickly.Installation can be left to professionals, but can be carried out independently.At the beginning of installation, you must know the exact size and location of the tub assembly.The next stage is the settlement of the hot and cold water.It is draining, and only then installs itself bath.

Bath angular asymmetric mounted on special supports.Typically, the legs are sold bundled with the purchase of sanitary ware.In the absence of such details are installing on a brick foundation.During installation, special attention should be paid to the fit to the sides of the walls.This is an extremely important point, because in low fit may damage the integrity of the bath.The joints between the boards and walls must be carefully sealed with special means.This is done to avoid water under construction, after dripping on the wall.

compact corner bath in a small bathroom is able to fit even on a very small area.All the sewage system must be placed at the front wall, as in the case of faults to it (the system) must be open access.

Pricing Policy

Prices for a plumber is very different.The cost depends on these parameters:

  • manufacturer of sanitary ware;
  • equipment at purchase;
  • material of construction of the bath.

should be noted that mainly due to the complexity of production is not popular model such as steel corner bath.Its price here is very reasonable and affordable: from 32 000 to 38 000 rubles.

Also, do not use special demand for cast iron bath corner, the price of which - from 32 000 to 35 000 rubles.

Acrylic are in great demand because of the variety of forms.Prices of such products - from 21 000 to 65 000, depending on the model of the bath and the presence / absence in her whirlpool function.

So, all models differ in price, quality and material.But the analysis of consumer activity shows that afford a corner bath can now almost everyone.

Advantages and disadvantages of acrylic corner bath

Of the advantages can be identified:

  • possibility of installation in a small bathroom;
  • variety of shapes and colors;
  • ecological material from which the product is produced;
  • high strength;
  • wear;
  • the appearance of cracks exists the possibility of embedding;
  • long life;
  • resistance to corrosion;
  • a wide range of sizes;
  • affordable price.

baths made of polymer, which is a kind of plastic.Precisely because of this it is possible to make the products of different shapes and colors.

This bath is equipped with a corner seat, handles and shelves.There are double options.The inner surface has a protective coating consisting of a glass fiber, resin and hardener.

duration of use with proper care of from ten to fifteen years.The weight of such a bath does not exceed 25 kilograms, which greatly simplifies the process of delivery and installation.This plumbing has good thermal conductivity.

Among the shortcomings can be identified opportunity deflection plumbing.But it's easy to remove the installation.The space between the floor and the bottom of the bathroom to pour foam, that the bath is not settled and is not deformed.

Bath for two

There are moments when the process of relaxation in the bathroom want to share with a loved one.It is in these situations come to the aid of manufacturers tubs for two.Nowadays, the market offers a huge number of similar products.The angular, rectangular, oval - all of them are popular among the population.

These baths are designed for two people of medium build.Double models are equipped with special handles and headrests.There are even hydromassage.All baths for safety have anti-slip coating the inner surface.

Basically bath for two is made from acrylic, as this material makes it possible to give the product a special form.Double acrylic bathtub asymmetrical complement any interior, making it more refined and original.


The history of hot tub is from the early nineteenth century.She comes from Germany.

With it is possible to relax the body and relieve stress.But hydro eliminates not only on psychological stress, it has beneficial effects on the whole body, improves blood circulation and heart function.

correctness of such a bath and a comfortable stay in it depends on the literacy and the quality of the installation of nozzles.Basically, the bottom set aero-massage nozzle and the walls - jetted.

Thus, in the bath as a possible hydro and air massage.There are also combined set.They are called turbopulom and include two types of massage: water and air.It

hydro is considered curative.Aeromassazhem longer it aims to complete relaxation of the muscles of the body.

As you can see, a lot of varieties of baths.Corner bath in a small bathroom will save space, and a spa will not only benefit health but also adds luxury to the interior.

Choosing a bath house, it is necessary to determine the location, type and functionality of the model.Rectangular, oval, angular bath - the size and the price is quite different.Thanks to this large assortment everybody will find a suitable option for themselves on the basis of individual needs and wishes.