Farewell to the pacifier: How to wean a child from a pacifier?

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Adults disparagingly call it "empty shell," and it is for the child - and the sedative and sleeping pills, and antidepressants.But there comes a time when this "girlfriend" should leave.When and how to do it?

easiest way to avoid problems - are not familiar with the child's pacifier in general, according to some doctors.If the mother breast-feeds the baby is not on the clock, and on-demand, the sucking reflex, and so will be satisfied.

Another thing, if the child - bottle-.He did not need much work, because drinking from a bottle lighter than suck his mother's breast.Therefore, this baby pacifier is required not for pampering and gymnastics.

Otherwise it will be difficult to "pump up" themselves the muscles of the face, which later will help him learn to talk.

baby-bottle-useful immediately after a meal for some time to give a pacifier (better orthodontic) that it has satisfied his sucking reflex.

Easier silence?

But this does not mean that the pacifier can be used around the clock.Not without reason, many doctors believe that the subject - materialized symbol of parental laziness.Much easier to "shut up" crying baby's mouth than to try to soothe him in other ways.

After the baby can cry not only because he was hungry or thirsty, but simply because he was bored, and he was tired and wanted to get it on the handle.

course, all must seek a middle ground.For example, if the nipple helps baby relax or distract from colic, it is better not to show integrity, and give the child what he wants.

time to part

By the year or at least two of the nipples should be abandoned.The best time for this - between eight months and a year.During this period, the sucking reflex fades, and there is a reflex chewing.Do not take advantage of this sin.Day instead of the nipple offer the child drying or bread crust - even scratch his swelling of the gums.And as soon as the first teeth, instead of puree food can be given food pieces.To

during waking the baby rarely remembered about pacifier, parents will have to pay more attention to it.You can take the baby's mouth and something more useful.For example, let him learn to blow bubbles, play the pipe in the pipe, whistle, sing, finally!

A pacifier left on the extreme cases, when another kid can not calm or when he falls asleep.But the night pacifier in his mouth should be only for a while.And when pipsqueak asleep, it must be carefully removed.

first loss

If you take away the pacifier to a year, stress is minimal.Two or three nights a child suffer, but a day or two of your favorite nipple and remember.

separation can be postponed up to 1.5-2 years - then the kid will be an agreement.Ways are many: the nipple can "lose", "give" (squirrel, dog, pussy ...) as well as "swap" on something valuable for the baby (for example, a new toy).

Only after the "deal" the road back will not be lost once the nipple - is lost.If the child does not go to the entreaties, you can resort to cunning.For example, some mothers quietly cut off a piece of the nipples until it comes into disrepair, and the baby from her he did not refuse.

But what exactly you should not do is to shame the child, that he does not give up pacifiers and walks with her, "like a little."

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