Emergency housing.

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In Russia, housing is perhaps the number one value in life.Any issues associated with it, cause ordinary Russian stress.What is already talking about a situation where you need the resettlement flats?

In Moscow, the largest number of damaged buildings are located in downtown areas.Until 2010, the planned demolition of 400 of them - almost all "hruschёvok" and the low-rise housing stock of the capital.But there are snags.Plans for the demolition and the results of examinations often contradict each other, showing the intersection of the interests of business or being the result of a bureaucratic mess.So people continue to live where it is dangerous to life.

More recently, a clear definition of what is an emergency shelter, was not.It was clear that such housing should be considered in a state of poor.But what exactly is included in the concept of "unsatisfactory" - was nowhere to be spelled out.Who is treated as an emergency shelter building, accommodation which is dangerous for life, where there is a threat of destruction due to deterioration of communication or significant violations of residence.

are such housing can be recognized only by the interdepartmental commission in cases where it really can not be restored, and threatens the security of its own people as a result of deterioration or damage.Also, the Commission can accept a building emergency, if they are not able to enforce proper standards of hygiene and sanitary requirements.

emergency housing to be (legally) within 48 hours to the resettlement of residents and subsequent demolition.This repair it is carried out only in exceptional cases.However, in practice, often such buildings is just shabby and sometimes even meet the standards of accommodation.

emergency housing in our country is not uncommon.All buildings are recognized as such, require immediate resettlement of residents, repair or demolition of buildings.What guarantees allow migrants from these houses?According to the norms, a person should get a new apartment, no less than the old, the number of square meters.Also, as far as possible, accommodation should be provided near the area of ​​the old residence.But when it comes to the central areas of Moscow, do it in practice, it turns out, in very rare cases.In addition, an annual fund emergency housing increases, making the resettlement of its residents on new apartments at all doubtful.Now the share of emergency and dilapidated housing stock in Russia is 60%.This volume can not be filled by any construction.Therefore, emergency housing (settlement of the fund) and capital remains a problem.

Moscow government approved the 2012-2016 program "Housing".According to it every year in the capital will be built 2.5 million square metershousing.Due to this it is planned to solve the issues with resettlement of citizens.We expect that during this period of time will be able to improve the conditions of 89 500 families.At the same time continue to work on the overhaul of premises and the establishment of the fund for the resettlement, which will reduce the wear percentage to 45%.How will the reality match the scheduled time will tell.