The most terrible rituals of the world.

Most of customs and rituals that have survived to this day in our society, contain a fairly harmless and the most common tradition, in contrast to other, less well-known bearing the special cruelty and excessive risk to human life.Such ceremonies today quite a lot, some of which we describe in our interesting article.

Samomumifitsirovanie or suicide?

tradition to turn his life into a nightmare originated back in Japan in the late 19th century.People really believed that mumifitsiruya themselves, they reach spiritual enlightenment in the future will never be reborn again.

process itself takes a lot of time, about 6 years.To begin with people who decided on such a desperate step, I sit on a strict diet, which includes only the nuts and seeds.It was to last 1,000 days.With such a person is completely deprived of food fat.Next

1000 was devoted to the expulsion of fluid from the body.To do this it was necessary to eat only roots and bark of pine trees.If you then at least someone managed to survive, it fed poisonous tea, which is prepared from the sap of the lacquer tree.It causes diarrhea and vomiting, which contributed to a complete removal of water from the body, "the future mummy."

After this "suicide" (otherwise it will not name) sat down to meditate in anticipation of his death in a small sealed room.Fortunately, in the twentieth century samomumifitsirovanie banned, but, unfortunately, there are even more sophisticated and terrible ceremonies, which we will tell and below.

And what is to blame for the babies?

India (Maharashtra) in the Temple Grishneshvor and still practiced rituals of the worst in the world.One of them - the dropping of babies with 15-meter height.Yes, you heard right, that's right.This is to ensure that the child in the future possess the mind, luck and health.The ritual is that naked kid raised in the 15-meter height and throw.Downstairs awaits him and his dad "inadequate successors" who deployed with a white sheet to catch the baby.The fact remains that over the past 1.5 century broke 3 children.Why Hindus enjoy this, not yet fully understood.After all, a child for life remains a serious psychological trauma and significantly lags behind in development.

«Minhun" or posthumous marriage

in China, to the west, and to this day practice the worst habits and rituals that defy all logic and common sense.One of them is this: a man or woman, has not visited in my entire life never legally married, should be buried with the dead in a couple of the opposite sex.The horror!The Chinese believe that by committing such a ritual, they will provide a happy life with the late 'neighbor in the grave. "Parents "dead bride" must pay $ 1200 (bride price).This practice leads to disastrous consequences.Commercial dead in China has long been known, but that's not all.People began to go crazy, to defile the graves of the dead.

In recent years, according to local press reports, the number of desecrations has been significantly increasing.One such case occurred in the province Yanchuan.The young woman tried to buy the girl's corpse, which no one took away from the morgue.She explains it by the fact that her dead brother came to her in a dream and requires immediately give him "future wife".Agree, a nightmare!Even worse is that if for some reason the bride or groom on the eve of the wedding ceremony died anyway wedding ceremony was to be held.Thus, the living groom had to marry a "dead bride."Horror!

Dead at the mercy of vultures: the rite or murderous brutality?

Another fierce tradition, part of the section "worst rituals", originally from Tibet.Although it is quite a long time practiced in the United States (Delaware).Receivers Buddha always believed that after death the soul leaves, and the human body does not mean anything, it is the empty dry tree to be removed from the world.For this "well-wishers" come up to give "carrion" vultures (not disappear as good).They dismembered body into small pieces and gave the birds to be eaten.

But that's not all.After the body leaving only the bones, they grind them and make flour tortillas that are to be eaten by smaller birds.

Scary rituals of different tribes are also in the following: some, in order to always feel the presence of their deceased relative, his bones are ground into flour and mixed with bananas.I think many have guessed that they do more with their children (for the slow-witted - eat).

«Dead» Food

This tradition is one of those "worst modern rituals", which is practiced in India to this day.Moreover, this "fear" and the children involved.Indian tribe called Aghori to get rid of the fear of his own death, eating dead compatriots who can not be cremated (saints, pregnant women, children, unmarried women who died from the bite of an insect, or lepers).They believe that "the discharge of the other world" - is an obstacle to spiritual enlightenment.Before eating "dead bodies" is soaked thoroughly dead in the river water, and then eat.

«Scary legs»

most macabre rituals have been known to occur in China.Fortunately, many of them in the world today is not practiced.One of these - "lotus feet".The thing is that in the old Chinese beauty was considered one whose feet were like the lotus.To this end, the girls in the age of 4 feet perebintovyvali tight bandage, which gave them an unforgettable anguish.So they went up to 10 years.After that, the girls taught mincing and swaying gait (2-3 years).And then they were ready for marriage.The most interesting thing that the girls were proud of their feet, despite the excruciating pain.

«Walking corpses»

As has long been known in Indonesia practiced dreadful rites related to black magic.One of them is really excites consciousness.The ritual is conducted in a town called Toraja.Strange as it may sound, there are the bodies themselves to their graves.And it happens because the cemetery there is a long way, so the locals are asking for help from the black magicians, who at the time of animate dead, and it will be the place of his burial.The only condition is that no one should touch the "living corpse", otherwise it will fall and never rise again.

Unnecessary elderly

This tradition, in my opinion, just the top of cruelty and insanity.And it is that those who, to put it mildly, fed up with the old, and care for them a burden to them, kill them.What do they do with those whose life will soon come to an end?When a person reaches a peak of helplessness, the locals just take him to the ocean and have on an iceberg, where the poor man or freeze or starve to death.Some, in order not to suffer themselves jump into the icy water.That kind of attitude to the Inuit elders.

Mitten from poisonous ants

most terrible rituals of the world are held in South Africa.One of them - a boy in a man's dedication.For this child should put his hand into a mitten full of the most poisonous ants in the world.The hand should be there at least 10 minutes.Most often, this leads to blackening ritual hand or temporary paralysis.The worst thing is that after this initiation most die of shock.If a man has expressed a desire to become a true warrior, he must go through the procedure 20 times or more.It is not difficult to guess that up to 20 times, hardly anyone ever will live.

Devotion wife

Fortunately, this ritual banned back in the 20s of the 19th century.The thing is that in India, the body of the deceased made to burn.The most terrible, that his wife had to follow him."In what sense?" - You ask.The woman had to wear the most beautiful dress, get around burning husband 7 times and join him.Yes, yes, to burn him alive, to continue to live together in the next world.Like this!Interestingly, and if the wife died, the husband would follow her?

Human stupidity and cruelty know no borders, it is prove some religious rituals and practices that allegedly glorify God and teach children wits.In most cases, they come up with a mentally unstable people, or very real deceivers.