Slender horror stories.

As a child, everyone feared some terrible monster who lived in the wardrobe, pantry, closet or under the bed, and always waited for the moment to grab the child and drag somewhere in your abode.It is this monster in childhood has been heard a lot of tales and horror stories.Time passes, people grow up, and all his childhood fears remain.

More recently captured a new teen horror story - the story of Slender Mena.Many now know that the majority of photos taken in low light or on the background of trees, you can find this character.

Slender Who is and how it looks

Few people know how the story appeared Slender, but what it looks like, everyone knows who has ever heard of him.Everyone says that it is very tall and thin man, it is unrealistic long arms, which also can be drawn.Sometimes Slender appears with tentacles around the body.On his bald head, and his face has no eyes, nose and mouth, it just is white and smooth.A tall man dressed in a severe black funeral suit, white shirt and tie is sure.

sometimes can occur like a hero, but a bit of a different kind, but that is always the same, so that's what Slender very tall and skinny.

inhabited Slender and how he finds his victims

Slender Almost every story tells that he lives in dark forests or abandoned buildings - where you can easily hide and hunt their victims.As a rule, he attacks the lonely people, and then their bodies were not found.Although there is mention of the fact that several of the victims were found in the woods Steynmen strung on the trees.

Despite the lack of eyes and other organs, it is easy to find their victims.Most often it is the children who go far into the forest.It says that it has well-developed telepathic abilities.Slender feels when thinking about it, and comes for these people.A few days before the kidnapping, he begins to visit his victims in their dreams.One of the Web series, which tells the story of Slender, gave the hero the ability to manage human memory, erasing and editing it, and turn people into puppets and manipulate them.

How did the skinny man

Thin Man was created in the summer of 2009 as part of a contest forum Something Awful.Under the terms of the competition for the conventional real photos we had to put something paranormal, scary using the graphical editor.June 10, 2009 one of the forum users posted 2 photograph in black and white, in which a fictional character pursues the children and called his character "The Thin Man."Creator pointed out that his character is completely invented, and photoshop were used materials in the form of photos of men from the internet and the way the tall man out of the picture "Phantasm", which appeared on the screens in 1979.

Some of the participants of the competition notice, that the history of the origin of Slender has other roots, and they are connected with the mythical character Der GroƟmann.If you look deeper into history, to find mention of it can still be around 9000 BC.e., when the figures were left on the rocks in the cave Serradacapivara (Cave is located in the national park, located in the northeastern part of Brazil).These pictures depicted a long creature, which is a child's hand.

story about family and love Thin Man

tall man was real.This tells the following story Slender.And his girlfriend had been involved in his death.You want to know how it was?

guy has never been popular in school and eventually became a pariah.His mother raised him with the utmost severity, though prostitution.With her husband (the father Slender), it sold when the baby was not yet a year old.The mother did not want to reckon with the present.She made Slender everywhere except at home, walking in a suit with a tie and white shirt.For some time the boy did not care what's going, but later he began to notice the ridicule and misunderstandings related to his clothes, from their peers, teachers, and even passers-by on the street.

In addition, not only clothes made him unusual and strange.The guy heard some voices, and his body was covered with lots of moles, which sometimes broke away from the terrible pain.Over time he got used to the pain, and even learned to enjoy it.

unusual guy many irritated and disgusted, and a desire to kill him.One of the girls, who liked Slendermenu, spoke of his desire not to see more of it to his friend, and he decided to kill the guy, that he never appeared in the eyes of the people.

Man in a suit ambushed in the woods when he went home and severely beaten.Later, he was dragged into a closed stuffy room, where she caressed him and her friends mocked him, breaking bones.At the end of bullying from the body were cut with the skin moles.The guy could not stand such agony and died.

Then came his ghost.

Slender - reality or fiction?

Understand how and where did this figure, it is very difficult - there is no specific information on how the story appeared Slender.But the fact that it exists, some people know for sure.Slender kidnaps children, and there are witnesses who say they saw him shortly before the disappearance of children.Parents notice that on the eve of the disappearance of a child telling a high lean incomprehensible being who was in his nightmares.Stories of children were considered nonsense and fabrications, but only as long as they have not disappeared.

Call Slender

Despite the fact that the terrible story of the majority of Slender causes fear, some brave souls try to summon the spirit of a tall man.To call Slender need:

  • sheets - 5 pcs .;
  • pen or pencil;
  • card deck;
  • Scotch tape and glue.

best time to call Slender is late at night, about 3 hours.With these simple things, you can call his spirit.

On each sheet is drawn a certain pattern.To do this, it is not necessary to be a fine artist, is enough to draw so that Slender understand what is depicted on paper.

Should I call the spirit to decide personally to everyone, but before you do, it is better to think again.Suddenly Slender really exist?