Literary arguments: the problem of child abandonment

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in Russian and foreign literature writers raised a variety of topics that will eventually gaining or losing its relevance.The problem of abandonment can be attributed to the eternal, because for centuries the best writers have created dozens of works of art.By selecting this topic on the exam, the student can easily see it on the example of several books.

The most important: how to write literary arguments?

writing is on the unified state examination in Russian schools is the most difficult test for the graduates.Here, students are required to show not only the knowledge of the content of the work, but the ability to analyze the situation and to put forward arguments.The problem of orphanhood in the literature is relevant in that it always turned many domestic and foreign writers, so the student will not have difficulties with the choice of product.The graduate has the right to choose to focus on up to three stories, or novels in one essay.

homelessness in Russian literature

«SHKID Republic" - the much-loved novel, written almost 90 years ago.It is beyond the scope of further reading, and every student is familiar with its contents on the same film.Choosing the exam on this artwork, you can pick up a compelling case: the problem of orphanhood authors G. White and L. Panteleyev revealed very precarious.

  1. «Republic SHKID" - autobiographical novel about becoming homeless decent people.Test for morality in the school of social and labor education survived, not all, but most of the orphans could find themselves and went on the righteous path.
  2. In the story the authors talk about the need to open public institutions for homeless children and give convincing arguments: the problem of orphans will soon be eradicated if the young thieves and criminals will perceive the truth of life through work and knowledge.

Literary arguments: the problem of child abandonment in "The Fate of a Man»

Mikhail Sholokhov is one of my favorite writers of high school students, as in his works he portrayed people of different characters and try to solve the pressing problems of the twentieth century.Choosing the exam on the topic "The problem of orphanhood" arguments from the literature you can pick up from the story "The destiny of man."

1. In war the Soviet people showed their best qualities of character.At this time, people have experienced severe death of loved ones, but did not begin to feel hatred towards others: family were taken in orphans and educated as native.This story happened to the protagonist of the story by Mikhail Sholokhov "The destiny of man."

2. Andrei Sokolov is a collective image of the majority of Soviet citizens who have experienced the death of loved ones.He lost his wife and children, but sheltered stranger boy Vanya, telling him that they - father and son.This is truly a powerful act, characterizing Andrei Sokolov as a generous person.

happy twist of fate in the life of an orphan

said that a fairy tale - a lie, so it hint.This statement holds true can be called as often events reflected in the folk or fairy tale author, often occur in reality.Thus, in the fairy tale by Charles Perrault's "Cinderella" the author raises an actual problem of orphanhood.Arguments of life are very similar to those that can be gleaned from this work of art.

1. Disadvantaged people seeking to achieve prosperity in an honest way, always awarded destiny and attain desired happiness.Orphan Cinderella aggrieved by the stepmother and stepsisters of humiliation and bullying in the end the winner was left and began to live a full life, marrying a prince.

2. Evil is always punished, and the unfortunate man finally finds happiness.Orphan Cinderella is an excellent example of good and hardworking girl who motivates all the girls who have grown up without a mother, not to lose heart and hope for a better life.

Insulted and Injured heroes Dostoevsky

Russian realist writers refused idealistic image of the world, so often the heroes of their books became poor families and disadvantaged children.Such was, and a girl named Nellie - the heroine of the novel FM Dostoevsky "The Insulted and Injured" (1861), but the author has always continued to be interested in the problem of child abandonment.Arguments from the literature that a writer can be identified in the stories "Netochka Nezvanova" (1849), "The Boy at Christ's Christmas tree" (1876).

1. The conflict of the novel "The Insulted and Injured" escalates between family and Valkovsky Ichmenyevs, but we can not pay attention to the character with which Dostoevsky enhances the drama of the work.Orphan Nelly left without family and had suffered a lot of suffering, was adopted, but the prosperous life of the girl did not last long: the poor thing die from heart disease.

2. In the story "The Boy at Christ's Christmas tree", included in the school curriculum can also be found worthy of a literary argument.The problem of orphanhood is revealed through the image of a beggar boy who dreams in death, hungry and frozen, sees this fluffy Christmas tree decorated with toys and sweets.

problem of orphans in the world today

On average, school-age children must comprehend the world through reading the works of art, but as an adult, according to the experience they need to get their own view of reality.Bondage became whip modern society, and usually there are children who have no family.In the work of local writers, this problem does not rise due to the prosperous situation in the country.In the West, another opens the problem of orphans.Arguments from the literature (CSE) can result from these books for further reading as "To Kill a Mockingbird" and "Uncle Tom's Cabin."From the curriculum can be considered works of "The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn," "Prisoner of the Caucasus."You must associate the problem with modernity, and to raise the issue of child slavery in the East, where all attempts to curtail such phenomena are futile.