How to increase the bench press?

lot of guys come to the gym, dream of a beautiful chest, which at the fairer sex has always been immutable delight.But in order to get that same dream is to work hard.In this article we will talk about one of the basic exercises for the muscles of the chest - bench press.Let us examine the following aspects: how to do the exercise, how to increase bench press, how many times a week to train better, and many others.

First, a little theory.Bench press is a basic exercises in bodybuilding and powerlifting, which is intended for the development of human breast muscles, triceps and deltoids part.There are many variations of this exercise: the classic mode, press on an incline bench, his head down on the bench, narrow grip, and others.We can not say that all of these different kinds of techniques only in the implementation, because depending on these same species, for better or worse affected by one or another muscle.But now is not about that.To start analyze the most important question, because the exciting beginners: "How to increase bench press?"

Many beginners think that the more exercise they do, the faster will be able to increase its power rates and an increase in muscle mass.And here lies a major mistake.The fact that at too intense catabolism muscle training begins.That is, simply put, their splitting.This is a natural reaction to the lack of energy, so that it (the body) begins to use protein (building block of your muscles) for its replenishment.Therefore, the most optimal amount of exercise for the chest muscles (only one zhimom you will not be able to rapidly increase their performance) is 4-5 (2-3 for the novice), each of which will be 2-4 sets of 7-10 reps.With regular visits to the gym (at least 3 times a week) every 2 weeks, you can add on to the press of 2.5-5 kilograms.

talk on other topics.Increase your performance in the bench press (and other exercises, too) will not be possible only by means of visits to the gym.

You see, when working with iron in humans start to develop muscles and, of course, to increase muscle mass.However, if you are malnourished, often enough sleep, do not have a daily routine, and also you have bad habits (excessive alcohol consumption and smoking), then the growth of muscle mass can not even dream of.Of course, to claim that every 2-3 months to have a drink in the company of bad friends - at least silly.We are all human, right?However, too frequent use of alcohol or toxic substances is detrimental not only to the overall health, but also on your muscles.All this leads to the so-called "stagnation" and slow down the growth of muscle mass.

If you do not follow many of the rules of bodybuilding, you will not come out.But back to the topic of "How to increase bench press for a short time."As stated earlier, the intensity of the workout is important, adherence and nutrition.But there is another important factor - based technique.Firstly, it is important to take the right grip (for each of the different types of it).Second, the neck is lowered slowly to his chest.Third, it is not necessary to change the pace of the exercise.

And finally - do not start to perform the bench press with heavy weights, because while there is a possibility of injury.It is better to warm up with a little weight for 10-15 repetitions.Remember!Do not train chest too often.If you work through it every workout, it will not have time to recover.It is better to deal with 1-2 times a week, that would be the best option.

Finally, the recommended method of exercise for a beginner is the following.Say your bench time of 8 to 50 kg.Then we follow the principle described below.

1-2 Week:

first approach - warm-up (you can with one stamp);

second approach - 8h50 kg;

third approach - 7 (8) x 50 kg;

4th approach - 55 kg maximum.

3-4 Week:

first approach - warm-up;

second approach - 8h50 kg;

third approach - 55 kg maximum;

fourth approach - 57,5 ​​kg max.

Week 5:

first approach - warm-up;

second approach - 6-8h55 kg;

third approach - 57,5 ​​kg maximum;

fourth approach - 60 kg maximum.

Then each person is a so-called phase of stagnation, when the results are rising very slowly.Here, the weight must be chosen more than individually.However, a month, he must increase by at least 2.5 kg.

If you can not visit the gym, you have the option to purchase the bench for bench press and neck with pancakes home.Of course, all this equipment is rather cumbersome, but it can be placed in the garage or basement.Grief is better to buy Olympic.Pancakes - preferably with a range of 5 kg (5 to 20 kg, for example).Bench barbell bench press should be comfortable and if possible with an adjustable fit neck.

If you do not have money to buy this or that detail, you can do everything yourself.Bench bench with his hands in the simplest version - quite lightweight design, for her, there are many drawings, one of which you can see above.From pancakes and the stamp is worse.The fact is that without special Tokarski tools and other accessories to create their own very difficult.Therefore digging a little money and run to the nearest sporting goods store!I think the question of how to increase bench press, and many other interesting details, we have read.Good luck in your training!