5 Dangerous "star diets" that do not work

those who are trying to lose weight or lose conceives after the holidays accidentally dialed kilograms, advise to stay away from some "star diet" - they are dangerous and still do not work, according to the latest British Dietetic Assitsiatsii (British Dietetic Association).And what about the diet question, read our article!

So 5 "star diets" that do not work and are dangerous to the human body:

1. Breterianskaya diet.

considered the most life-threatening fraud in 2013.There is already a long time, but the death of her regular followers all over the world for some reason, do not turn away from it a certain number of fans.Breterianskaya diet requires discard any food and drink - and eat only air and sunshine!

Last year, the famous Hollywood actress Michelle Pfeiffer (Michelle Pfeiffer) has admitted that in his youth was a certain sect who practiced breterianskuyu diet - apparently, the star was lucky to break free and survive.

say, Madonna (Madonna) practiced swallowing of air to cause a feeling of satiety without food.But, of course, the air is not saturated and can not provide the body with energy and all necessary materials, not to mention the dehydration, which leads to the rejection of the drink.In general, doctors warn - breterianskaya diet is deadly to the health of any person!

2. Diet of biotypes.

singer Boy George (Boy George) states that lost due to this diet, but it can do more harm to health than work.

This diet requires select consumable products allegedly "hormonal type" of man to change the hormonal balance and reduce fat deposits in tissues, in some areas of the body.

However, British scientists and doctors say - it is all based on pseudo-scientific theories, despite the fact that the hormones do affect the production of fat.But not yet found a way to "program" the body into weight loss only in some selected areas.Yes, and dietary supplements in the diet too much.

3. gluten-free diet.

very popular today - that Hollywood movie star Gwyneth Paltrow (Gwyneth Paltrow) willingly torments it themselves and their families.For this diet "just something" and you need that to give up foods containing gluten protein (such as cereals).

course, gluten-free foods such as bakery products are high-calorie, and without them - in theory - you can lose weight.However, this diet does not regulate food intake, does not contain gluten, so this diet is not working - because beer, fatty meat and other "joy of the stomach," great "help" fat.

4. «Alkoreksiya."

Another madness of the modern world - the assumption that reducing calorie diet meal replacement for alhocol, you can not only lose weight, but also just to survive and stay healthy.

This diet loves Lady Gaga (Lady Gaga), often substituting foods whiskey.However, alcohol is full of "empty" calories, the body does not ensure the necessary standards of minerals, vitamins and other nutrients, it causes there at night, destroys the liver and general health.So "alkoreksiya" can help only sleeps and die.

5. Dukan Diet.

a lot of protein, low in carbohydrates - rapid weight loss?They say that this diet adore Jennifer Lopez (Jennifer Lopez) and Kate Middleton (Kate Middleton), hudevshaya on it for her wedding (Dukan Diet taught her mother).

diet known and very difficult, but for its creation of the "author" Pierre Ducane just last year, the French medical license stripped.

Even though this guide will help you lose weight, it will bring a few "gifts": constipation, bad breath, constant fatigue and other health problems, plus - constant reception of all kinds of mineral and vitamin supplements.And as soon as the strict control over diet will weaken, and you decide to terminate the Dukan Diet, all your hard lost weight very quickly returned.

So the council of British doctors: during the holidays eat well and correctly, in all comply with the measure, and want to lose weight after - carefully choose proven, safe diet, consulting with a nutritionist.And more engaged in physical activity, enough sleep and walk, then a diet might not need it!

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