How to revive itself after the New Year's party?

These techniques are very useful today, because surely you spent New Year's Eve rapidly.How to create for himself and his face "first aid" - see below!

you wake up ... And then what?

- Drink a glass of water.Then - another.And two more.And only after that you can put the kettle to drink the usual cup of coffee or tea.Coffee dehydrates, so start the day with coffee 1 January - not the best idea.

- Wash your face.But do not wipe the face with a towel.Let the water nourishes dehydrated skin.

- You can take a cool bath with the addition of olive oil, this body replenish moisture, it also lost a lot of water.Apply olive oil on your face with moisturizer and can be rubbed into the scalp.

- the day after the party should moisturize the skin often - several times a day.

- Be sure to give the face some sort of mask or a cold compress.More on this below.

mask made of aluminum foil

It is a cheap and easy way.Wrap aluminum foil face literally breathe life into your skin better than any lotion.To make an aluminum mask take several foil strips, proceed in the holes to the eye, these masks and freeze in the refrigerator.

morning after the party put the mask on for 10-15 minutes, then remove.When put a mask - presses it tightly to the face.The mask heats up on the face, and it can be replaced by a new one.In principle, it may be sufficient and one mask, but 2-3 would "work" better.

mask made of aluminum foil will remove puffiness, reduce inflammation, soothe the skin ... but it can not cope with a sore head, unfortunately.

Tangerine mask

Leave a tangerine with a New Year's table in the morning.This fruit will cheer up your face after a heavy night.If you have time and energy, you can grind tangerine or orange peel and make a beautiful soft scrub.However, most of the morning after the holiday is not possible to make such a procedure, leave it for the next few days vacation.And to make a simple tangerine mask that will make your face shine.

only need to mask Mandarin (or orange) and brown sugar.Mix the ingredients in a blender or mash the pulp tangerine hand.Put the mixture on the face for 5-10 minutes and rinse with cold water.Sugar is a binding ingredient, and can be replaced with oatmeal or honey.


Cold salutary effect against edema, has disclosed elements and rosacea.These are the main consequences of partying.Therefore, do not forget before the holiday to put in the fridge for a make-up remover wipes, wet wipes, eye cream, moisturizing cream, makeup remover.In addition, put in the freezer teaspoons and freeze ice cubes.

for bags under the eyes is, of course, the old proven techniques with slices of cucumber or potato.But not all the morning of January 1, these products will be at your fingertips.There is a better way - chilled spoon.Attach them to the eyes, keep at least 5 minutes, and remove when they heat up.

freshen up and help clean the face chilled face towels and chilled cream.You can make an ice bath for the face.To do this, pour into a bowl of cold water, add ice cubes in it and place it in the bowl of a person, do so several times.Swelling and swelling will disappear from the face of consciousness becomes clearer.

Food & Beverage hangover

Cabbage pickle, aspirin ... But all this is not aesthetically pleasing, agree.What can you recommend as a remedy for a hangover for elegant girls?

- Bananas. Alcohol robs the body of potassium, and its a lot of bananas.They banana, eaten in the morning, help with the hangover.

- Ginger root. Ginger has long been used as a remedy for nausea and motion sickness.And the hangover, it works wonders.British aristocrat with a hangover drink ginger ale, and for the lovely lady can advise ginger tea.Cut 10-12 slices of fresh ginger from the root, add 4 cups of water and simmer for 10 minutes.Drink with honey or a slice of lemon, and within 1-2 minutes you will feel as if there was no sleepless nights.

- Honey and lemon. classical means: hot water with lemon and honey.This drink immediately replenishes lost fluids and sugar in the body.But it is very important to use honey instead of white sugar.

- Sports drinks. If the refrigerator has a drink with electrolytes, which you usually take to the fitness room, then use it, it energizes, restores moisture loss and glucose.

- Juices and water. Fresh orange juice - a good remedy for hangovers.Suitable also just water.These beverages should be at room temperature.Drink a lot of water, the urine will indicate a significant proportion of toxins.

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