Titles and idols: the most inflated people in the world

Although there is a saying that the presence of mind power not particularly required, but "get hold of" this very force, to develop the physical parameters of his body to a record size is not given to everyone.There need a sound approach, thorough knowledge in medicine, biology, even in physics and chemistry, the ability to correctly calculate the load during training, to make diet and still much, much more.Iein addition to the invoice - the body still need more and good brains.

Towards records

inflated most people in the world - this phrase sounds like the title, as a prize, as the honorary title.In fact, the way it is.After that you have recognized a "man-mountain", you need to sweat in the gym over the years, largely limit themselves and, in fact, to give his life to the service of bodybuilding.A striking example - an athlete from Germany by the name of Marcus Ruhl.Among the professionals he was nicknamed "Watermelon bodybuilding" for huge biceps balls, intimidating the rolling under the skin.When inflated the most people in the world (the title of an athlete in 2009, the year) is preparing for the next competition and feeding of a special diet, expels water from the body, it seems that the skin on his body simply burst, unable to withstand the pressure of muscle mass.Stunning reliefs, impressive performance - they Markus began systematically going about 19 years.It is believed that the athletes of this trend in this age is somewhat too old.After all, the younger the body, the easier it is amenable to restructuring and stress, and because professional bodybuilding boys have much earlier - from 15-16 years-ty.

«German beast" (another nickname athlete) - the most inflated people in the world - has experienced many disappointments, serious injuries before reaching the heights of Olympus bodybuilding.And now he's trying to stay within its ranks and anthropometric parameters, continues seriously to train and perform at prestigious events and competitions.Fortunately, the health and fitness allow it.After all, with a standard height in meters and seventy-seven centimeters volume biceps Marcus is fifty-seven cm, weight during the competition - hundred twenty and seven kg, the volume of the breast - hundred forty and eight cm, and hip - eighty-four cm. When the most inflated people in the world restsby appearances, he is gaining "a couple" extra kilos and weighs one hundred forty-five kg.And if the hero podiums there in the street, ordinary people next to him look comically small, even if they are actually quite respectable size.

Another idol

should be recognized athlete in the world-builder, which can not fail to remember - Jay Cutler.He not only became a four Mr. Olympia, but also made a good acting career in Hollywood.When asked about who is the strongest man on the planet, Cutler is very suitable for this role.Since childhood, he was engaged in heavy physical labor, working on construction sites (father and brother were in the business, Jay, as a younger man in the family, started the same way from the ground up).It has become a platform for the development of muscle strength, weight gain.And studying at College of Law, Cutler worked in his spare time engaged in "telostroitelstvom" - so translates the term "body-building".Perseverance and a desire to achieve high results have helped to overcome all the difficulties.Jay is currently the only athlete, bodybuilder, who was able to regain the "Olympia" after the defeat.

Another "star" an American who left a significant mark in the history of bodybuilding and athleticism - it is Art Atwood.Unfortunately, he passed away very early - at the age of 37 years old.

And who is the strongest man in the world right now?Definitely answer, perhaps impossible.After all, this title corresponds to a very Ronnie Coleman - pro bodybuilder, winner of numerous competitions in this field.No less suitable candidate - Lithuanian-heavyweight weightlifter Savickas.His unit of the world record - squat with a barbell in the hands chetyrёhsotkilogrammovoy.The award for the victory in one of the competitions he gave himself "Uncle Arnie" - the famous Schwarz-Terminator.

Incidentally, it is worth recalling in this article, and idols of the past, was at the forefront of a healthy bodybuilding - Schwarzenegger, Stallone, Chuck Norris.