Catering to a set of weight - the basics

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Bodybuilding is quite popular nowadays, but many do not realize how hard it is sport.This is explained by the fact that it is unacceptable limited to pulling "iron" because it is very important and other items: food, adherence, psychological factors, and the like.In this article we describe in detail what should be set for food supply, and what kind of weight - explained below.

The goal set is to increase the weight of body weight lifter with a predominant percentage of muscle mass over fat.That is, when the ideal set of 10 kg capacity will be 6-7 kg of muscle and only 3-4 kg of fat.After dialing the desired weight of the athlete goes to the second stage - drying, which is to burn fat up to 3-6%.Drying - quite a complicated process, because bodybuilders have to give up fast carbohydrates (sweet), fatty foods and favorite drinks.However, this is the moment when the end justifies the cost of it.But back to the food.Thus, the power to set the masses quite versatile, suitable for the majority of athletes (may be some features from ecto- and endomorphs).Here are the basic principles of this process.

  1. One of the most important conditions for building mass is split meals - 5-6 times a day.This allows not to load your digestive system and at the same time will allow the flow of nutrients into the blood stream throughout the day.The portions should be small with a high content of protein and carbohydrates.
  2. Carbohydrates - an important part in the diet of your food, because they supply the body with energy.Approximately 70% of eaten food should be high.However, be aware that you want to have more slow carbohydrates (different cereals) and not fast (sweets) that are rapidly processed by the body into fat.Do not forget about the fruits and vegetables, rich in valuable fiber, but their share should fall to 30%.
  3. addition to reducing the consumption of fast carbs, you also need to eat less fat.Especially the "dangerous" are saturated fats (fatty meats, mayonnaise, sausage, etc.).But it is impossible to remove them all from the diet, because then can disrupt metabolism.Useful to use fish (even fat) and fish oil.Fast carbohydrates may also be useful.The most optimal time for their use will be the end of the workout, when you open a protein-carbohydrate window.
  4. Do not forget about drinking regime.When dialing muscle when the body is a lot of metabolic reactions, water is an important part, because it is necessary for the completion of all reactions.Eat for 2.5-3 liters per day of clean water (tea, drinks and sodas do not count).
  5. approximately proportional might look like this:
  • carbohydrate content - 50-60%;
  • protein content - 30-35%;
  • fat content - 10-20%.

So should look for a set of correct food supply.However, be aware that there is no perfect correlation, for each person - is unique.If you have seriously decided to do bodybuilding, it is best to consult with a professional trainer to help you deal with this fad.To help in the muscle building can sports nutrition, including protein, Creatine, amino acids and creatine.Fun fact that 20-30 years ago, when the industry of sports nutrition has not yet been developed, bodybuilders use infant formula for a set of masses.Why is that?Everything is very simple.Based on the purpose, it was enough quality and at the same time there has been 30-35% protein and 65-70% carbohydrate, making it a great gainer.That just can not come up in the pursuit of a beautiful body!Well, the basics of how should look for a set of power supply, we have described.And having been occupied for six months hard, you pick up food "for themselves."Good luck!