Council of Europe: history and functions

In our turbulent times, no one can predict where Russia will fall down on the new troubles.Russia is trying to cooperate with all countries and organizations.However, in response we often get new threats or sanctions.Understand this interweaving of information is sometimes very difficult.You just need to look at the root of all this fuss.Namely, find out what is the role and function of an organ, to show its position on Russia.Let's take a closer look at the Council of Europe.What it is, what questions do?

What is the Council of Europe?

From the name, we can understand that we are talking about a certain organization, to solve certain issues in the relations between the countries on the continent.It really is.The Council of Europe is considered a regional organization whose members pleaded practically all states of the continent.Its creation was based on the idea of ​​increasing instability in the world.The fact that security issues were resolved earlier bilateral or multilateral negotiations.However, the level of technology creates such problems and threats that affect the times of every inhabitant of the continent.For example, the construction of nuclear power plants.In case of accident affected not only the population of the country, the owner of the enterprise.The consequences will affect all the inhabitants of the continent.Questions to prevent threats of different nature is intended to raise the Council of Europe.This is a platform to express and discuss different viewpoints of States Parties.A kind of international negotiation basis.


There CE since 1949.We agreed to establish its ten Western European countries.Gradually it began to join other countries.Today, it includes forty-one state.Among them is the Russian Federation.Members of the Council of Europe have the same rights.The organization defends the principles that are the heritage of all citizens of the participating countries.It is created in order to be able to work together to protect the freedoms and rights of the people of the continent.Questions dealt with the organization, apply to all spheres of human activity.Not least in its agenda devoted to the problems of law, economics and culture.


for coordination and direction of such a complex community created several structures.The governing bodies are considered to be some of them.The first is the Committee of Ministers.It comprises the foreign ministers of the participating countries.This is the supreme authority of the Council.Its function is to make decisions with respect to the organization, the approval of the proposals of the Consultative Assembly.According to the plan, the Committee of Ministers meets twice a year, unless there is a force majeure.Full Time running Consultative Assembly.It is composed of deputies whose number is determined by the State population.This body makes recommendations to be submitted to the Committee of Ministers.

Council of Europe Convention

This body produces its own documents.They are called conventions.They deal with the basic question of civil liberties.For example, there is the Convention on the Protection of National Minorities.These documents cover a wide range of issues: from the participation of foreigners in public life to combating torture or human trafficking.The rules prescribed in these treaties are advisory in nature.In order for them to spread to the territory of the State, to be ratified.That is the convention are considered relevant by the Parliament for a decision on accession.

Legal activities

The main purpose of the organization is to create conditions to achieve the unity of the countries.This is impossible without studying and harmonization of the legal space.To work in this area was created, the Court dealing with human rights.It examines complaints and appeals of the citizens of the participating countries.Make decisions binding on them.The right of the Council of Europe - to monitor implementation of its decisions.But he only intervenes in cases where the corresponding case (complaint) was reviewed by the national authorities of the country.That is to apply to any establishment of the Council of Europe, need to go through the procedure of studying the issue at home.The point, frankly, long.

confusion in vocabulary

Many confuse concepts such as the European Council and the Council of Europe.It should be noted that this is completely different organs.Yes, and the field of their activity is not always intersect.European Council - the political body.It decides on matters relating to the external interaction with other EU states.Whereas the Council of Europe examines the state of implementation of the rights of citizens in the Member States.The area, as you see, are different from each other as heaven and earth.

Membership RF

Our country joined the Council of Europe in February 1996.Although the application is filed four years earlier.The fact that it was necessary to work to change the law of the country.Nevertheless, the process took only four days.The Committee of Ministers adopted an opinion (№ 193), which has invited Russia to join the organization.Then the relevant conventions have been ratified by parliament.Since then, the Russian Federation is a full member of the organization.The Parliamentary Assembly is involved eighteen deputies from Russia.In 2014, the Russian delegation was deprived of certain rights because of the Ukrainian crisis.The delegation decided not to participate in the work of the Council of Europe.The same situation occurred in early 2015.