The participation of citizens in political life

All have likely realized that the world is slipping into a zone of "global turbulence".This is the time when the future of nations and humanity as a whole is not defined, and therefore depends on the position of each individual.And how people can express their views?That's where we should remember that this is done through the participation of citizens in political life.Only not everyone in our country and in other countries have the necessary minimum of information on the subject.We are not particularly interested in abstract topics, when everything is stable.And as the crisis loomed on the horizon, we were at a loss trying to figure out how it can influence.Is it only in the hope of the rulers?Or you can turn on itself and to the overall work to overcome it?Let's understand their rights and responsibilities.

What will be discussed?

proposed to consider the expression "citizen participation in political life", defining its meaning.There are two interrelated concepts.They can not exist separately and comprehensively cover the described process.Specifically, we distinguish the two terms "citizen" and "politics".The first describes a person who has certain rights.The second - the process of their implementation in the field of governance.It turns out that we are investigating a system that allows each person to influence events in the country according to their own convictions.You say, this is impossible?However, we must first learn the laws, then only draw conclusions.

Your vote - a decisive

We all try to understand where the law laid down arms, allows each person to affect the overall situation.Let's start with the fact that citizen participation in political life - a process rather "bureaucratic."He expanded on the shelves in the constitution of any democratic state.In addition, there are a number of laws and other acts, detailing the process.You yourself are likely to have taken part in it, but did not qualify him as citizen participation in political life.If you have reached the age of majority, then we went to vote (or had the opportunity).You are provided with information on the various parties wishing to gain power, explained and offered to ask questions and so on.Maybe you did not pay any attention to these events, but the citizen in the political life of their state participates in this form (but not only).Through a system of elections realized his right to take part in the governance of the country.

proceed to practice

participation of citizens in politics is not limited to a plebiscite.After the vote - it is the result of a fairly long process.It is preceded by a political struggle.Namely, those parties that are willing to guide the development of the country and society, trying to win over as many people.To do this, they explain their views and goals.This work try to attract as much as possible to the citizens, so that they exercised their right to freedom of opinion.At this time, anyone can choose the strength that best reflects his own position.Of course, some people think that it is better to stand up for their own beliefs.However, in a democratic society to imagine a more rational mechanism emanating from the old principle: "Together, we - the power!" Therefore, the political parties and form.These are the aspirations and expectations of certain groups and sections of the population.

Political Parties

Now we come to the other side of the citizen participation in government.Anyone can become a member of a political force corresponding to his convictions.And when he turns twenty-one elected in a particular local authority.And this is a very different level of participation in political life.Work in self-government allows you to influence decisions.After all, laws are made in them.It is worth mentioning that the deputy of any level does not vote "in their understanding."He is the spokesman of the views of their constituents.So, during the voting, he is obliged to proceed from the interests of the latter.This is the second level, so to speak, the right of citizens to participate in the political system.First - participation in the choice of political power, the second - it works to his advantage.

all that simple?

Actually, not quite.The fact that the process of governance is quite complicated.You can, of course, "a sword to chop" and declare the most popular among the people ideas.What it comes to implementing them in practice, the MPs and the party always stumble on obstacles and barriers.On the one hand, they have opposition political force, expressing the interests of other groups, at times confrontational.They need to come to an agreement, a consensus.But there is also legislation that is adopted "rules of the game."Through them, it is impossible to jump.For example, many are dissatisfied with high tariffs for public utilities.To reduce them, you need to change many laws, the first of which is the budget for the current year.But apart from him - even other acts of general federal and local character.Work hard and long.

whether to go to the deputies?

course, a person with active citizenship wants tighter influence on society.Many aspire to be elected to a particular organ.Only if everyone on the shoulder this responsibility?Man, on which depends the welfare of the country and the entire population should have a large fund of knowledge.Yet he needs experience, the ability to analyze facts, to take depth and volume information.Of course, over any legislative act of running a large number of specialists.In the final result, he is responsible for its implementation one who voted.Therefore, it is necessary that these people are well-educated, wise, far-sighted.It turns out that a citizen is involved in politics when carefully eyeing what for whom is going to cast their vote.

peaceful assembly

With officialdom understood.But the political life does not end.After all, other than an election, there are other forms of expression of opinion by the people.Thus, the Constitution of a democratic country guarantees the right to freedom of peaceful assembly.This means that people can express their opinions through rallies, demonstrations and other actions carried out in public places.Implementation of this right is governed by its own laws, which describe the method of organizing such events.That is, they can not be natural.You want pomitingovat?You are welcome in the village council, a statement stating the purpose, the organizers and the approximate number of participants.This is no discrimination.Local authorities are responsible for the lives of citizens.It must ensure the preservation of order during the action.Although there are exceptions.One person can hold a rally without approval.On the responsibility of

This is the most important on the one hand and on the other the least popular question.He loves our people look guilty.However, national politics has not only rights but also duties.From it requires thoughtful and careful use of their rights.And then we vote for the one whom "prompt" and then head for the grasping of what is happening in the country.But most of all election rallies or miss.Everyone has their own things, more important from his point of view, there are.The fact that we are citizens, not just people who remember when something from the government is necessary.And yet - when prices rise or other "trouble" in the eyes of developing.But you also have the right to influence the formation of this government itself!And if they use?Now do yourself a question, why run the country "wrong" people.