"Social taxi" in Moscow - a real help to people with disabilities and families with many children

In the capital, successfully implemented the project of providing services to special categories of the population.The funds for "Social taxi" in Moscow for the disabled and families with many children highlighted the city budget, and the transportation is carried out under individual and collective requests.

privileged categories of Muscovites who use this service is available

  • invalid of I group.
  • Minors with disabilities.
  • Disabilities II, III groups with restrictions on movement.
  • II disability group on sight.
  • Invalids and veterans of the Great Patriotic War.
  • Official representatives of disabled children, accompanying them on their way.
  • Large families living in low-rise housing stock capital.
  • Disabilities Moscow House of veterans (pensioners) of war and armed forces.

main principles of the "Social taxi┬╗

State Unitary Enterprise Services provides the capital "Mosgortrans".Cars equipped with special devices for the convenience of the disabled: ramps, lifts, fasteners for wheelchairs, swi

vel seats and so forth. All this equipment provides "Social taxi" in Moscow, the feedback from the beginning of the work which characterized this service as a timely, affordable and most securefor the lives of passengers.

take orders and controls their execution dispatching service (EVS).Authorized persons are public, social and labor organizations for the disabled, as well as the executive bodies of Moscow and authorized by the legislation of the Russian Federation Representatives of veterans or the disabled.

accompany the recipient of the service "Social taxi" can be any person who has attained the age of majority, which in case of need it will help with the physical transportation.

Vehicles used for the implementation of this program, must be marked logo as a white mean "disabled person in a wheelchair with accompanying person" on a green background and the caption "Social taxi" and green longitudinal stripes on the sides of vehicles with the number of the current controller.

What you need to get the service "Social taxi" in Moscow?

Muscovites with disabilities project has been a relief.How to use the service?To be able to use the services of the social transport passengers of special categories of personal applications, you must provide to the relevant authorities documents proving the legitimate rights of the user:

  • copy of your passport and escort beneficiary;
  • medical certificate of disability (ITU);
  • disabled II, III group - a copy of the rehabilitation program;
  • Muscovite social card (SCM).

When planting in special transport organization "Social taxi" in Moscow, citizens must present a driver Muscovite social card, and if the service is paid coupons, the standard stamps issued by the All-Russian Society of the Disabled.When a passenger should be in the spa establishment, he must show the driver the special transport permit.

In order to be able to use the services of a social group bookings for transportation, the authorized person is obliged to submit to the IHO VOI following documents:

  • application of the regulations specified in the form;
  • photocopies of certificates of disability for every citizen - the recipient of services;
  • copies of passports accompanying persons;
  • SCM for each passenger;
  • program of collective trips.

When servicing the collective application authorized person signs the driver provides a roadmap and executed the landing roll, and the passengers placing SCM.

The reasons for the provision of services on individual request

service "Social taxi" in Moscow is for the sole purpose of following:

  • legislative, judicial and executive bodies of the Russian Federation and the City of Moscow;
  • local authorities in Moscow;
  • institutions of social services and social protection of the population of the capital;
  • Pension Fund and Social Security Fund of the Russian Federation, their territorial offices in Moscow;
  • hospitals and clinics of the city and the Moscow region;
  • and resorts of Moscow city and region, as well as subjects of the Russian Federation, bordering the Moscow Region;
  • capital's educational institutions;
  • jobs in the city of Moscow;
  • airports and railway stations in Moscow and the region;
  • objects sphere of ritual services city and region;
  • recreation, summer cottages in the Moscow region.

This rather long list of services demonstrates the care that takes about citizens specific social groups Moscow."Social taxi" for people with disabilities - is first of all comfort and safety.

How to call a taxi?

Especially for special groups set up the service "Social taxi" in Moscow.Phone to receive orders or to cancel them in advance: 8 (495) 276-03-33, open from 7.00 am to 19.00 pm daily.According to the same schedule with no output fed special vehicles.In the evening and night time service is provided only to follow in the airport or train station.


If we talk about the individual applications "Social taxi" in Moscow, the cost of the service is:

  • in Moscow - 210 rubles per hour;
  • outside the city - 420 rubles per hour.Standby time (no more than 1 hour) is also taken into account.

pay coupons or debited from the Muscovite social card is made through the terminal in the "Social Taxi" with the issuance of a check or slip.According to the collective applications, as well as veterans (disabled) wars and armed forces payment from passengers will be charged.

Thus, the service provides security and timely delivery of passengers privileged categories, as well as providing physical assistance when boarding-disembarking.Taxi drivers in the services are protected from fraud.