S-500 (anti-aircraft missile system): Features

Virtually every developed country in our days has a complex defense.These tools help secure a peaceful sky over the heads of citizens.Their goal is simple - to protect and minimize the risk of attack on the country from the air.There are many different kinds of remedies.They can be air, and land, and naval.And they all have one task - to find the enemy and kill him first.

Powerful protection

main air shield the state - so you can briefly describe the zenith rocket complexes of modern type.They are a set of complex technical facilities and military vehicles (objects) that are able to prevent aerospace enemy attack almost the entire territory of the state.There are many different types of BRD, but the main classification is the theater of military operations:

  • Sea.
  • Land.

Russia - a vast country with great potential in the near future in her arms is the C-500 - anti-aircraft missile system of the modern type.It is capable of much.The United States as the main opponent of Russia also has modern facilities, one of which - "Patriot".

Today we talk about how to create a missile system S-500, to which it is capable, as well as discuss the recently passed the test.Let's start with the history of its occurrence.

Modifications S-500 antiaircraft

modern air defense missile system did not appear out of nowhere.His first development began in the Soviet era, when the Soviet Union proved to be armed with the first C-200 - a long-range missile system.This version was developed in 1965 by designer Grushin.

second step on the path to modern development has become a complex C-300 - the first time in the army fighting vehicles of the USSR, he appeared in 1975, and still in the updated versions bears his service.The designer, who developed the system - Efremov VP The main objective of this system is the protection of the huge industrial and administrative facilities.It is capable of hitting different kinds of purposes - to ballistic wind.

third modification of the C-400 - "Triumphant" - anti-aircraft missile system of a new generation.It is able to detect and shoot down stealth aircraft, ballistic missiles, etc.In service since 2007, it is.

Finally, the anti-aircraft system S-500.It was developed in 2012 and entered service in 2015-2016.This complex will be the main means of protecting the air defense of the Russian Federation.

development of modern anti-aircraft missile system

initial stage of development of the fifth generation air defense system started in 2010. It was then that began sketch project preparation.In summer 2011, designers and engineers Concern PVO "Almaz-Antey" finish the job.Designers hoped to create a completely new complex, able to destroy low-orbit targets, as well as spacecraft.At the end of 2012, C-500 (anti-aircraft missile system) has been collected.Soon released the first prototype, have at their disposal specially designed rockets that are meant only to him.Anti-aircraft missile system S-500 has its own rockets - 40N6M, N-77N6, 77N6-H1.In developing this system in secrecy, it was hoped to create the world's best air defense systems.And after the last test developers can safely assert this.

main tasks

C-500 - missile complex of the fifth generation - has 3 main objectives.These are:

  • protection.
  • Interception.
  • destruction.

All these tasks are performed admirably complex.Let's look at each of the points, and define what it seeks:

- The complex is protected from the radio detection and guidance systems, as well as modern systems created for missiles and their guidance interference.Thus, any enemy forces can not prevent the interception and destruction of his combat unit.The item developers have paid special attention.

- The S-500 is able to intercept any aerial objects at a distance of 3500 kilometers.The maximum height of the interception target is 50 km away.For comparison: the complex "Patriot" is able to neutralize the target at an altitude of 24 kilometers.Taking into account this figure, we see that the Russian system is twice as good.

- The complex should be able to destroy the most modern means of air attack.Our developers were able to achieve incredible results.The air defense system S-500 is able to shoot down low-orbit satellites, orbital platform, hypersonic cruise missiles, aircraft and UAV (above Mach 5).

features a self-propelled system S-500

S-500 is designed with the latest technology.It is multifunctional and can almost single-handedly wipe out up to 40 targets of the enemy.The radar system of the complex can simultaneously carry 20 goals.The complex captures the various aerial targets flying at a speed of more than 7 kilometers per second.It's pretty impressive.At a distance of up to 600 km S-500 system can simultaneously hit up to 10 targets.

To launch the missile complex must be 10 minutes (from marching to the state of full combat readiness).The surface on which the installation does not have to be flat.Hardware and stability system 500 allows launch missiles at an inclination angle of 30 degrees.

system is equipped with heavy-duty portable radars, which have not seen the world.They are able to detect targets at a distance of 1,000 km with a minimum height of 5 meters and a maximum of 50 km.Land complex has high traffic and is fully adapted to the harsh climatic conditions of our country.Therefore, he is not afraid of the cold, the mud and adverse conditions of the relief.

Technical specifications of

C-500 (the characteristics of development are impressive) has a dry weight of 54 tons. The load at full operational capability is 33 tons, and of the tractor - 21 m. BAZ-69096 is equipped with five axes - all 10 wheels areleading.The front two axles driven.The power of the power unit is 550 horsepower.Type of fuel - diesel.The maximum height of the curb is surmounted by 1.7 meters.For the first time a mobile chassis BAZ-69096 was introduced in 2012 in a show of military equipment of the Russian Federation.This is the first mobile chassis for SAM, which has a wheel formula 10 to 10.

C-500 - anti-aircraft missile system, which has enormous potential and opportunities.This opinion is shared media the top ranks of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation.Since the system is not yet fully entered service, the rest of the machine specifications remain classified and can not be disclosed.

Tests newest defense systems

the summer of 2014, the armed forces of the Russian Federation tested the prototype BRD C-500.According to preliminary data, it became known that the latest Russian air defense system was the best in the world, surpassed in its characteristics such complexes as "Patriot-3" and the THAAD.

According to the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, tests were carried out very successfully, all the set goals and tasks were easy to accomplish.C-500, the characteristics of which are still unknown, was the best of all existing advanced air defense systems.Based on the conclusion of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, we can conclude that our present system is the fifth generation, which will be included in the ranks of the army around the middle of 2017, for at least 10-15 years will be the best of its kind.

C-500 - the newest air defense missile system in the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation

Currently guard the airspace of the country are two different anti-aircraft missile complex - the S-300 and S-400.First, despite the modification, it has barely falls short of international standards.Shortly after entering the weapons S-500 missile system S-300 will be removed from the ranks of the Russian military equipment.In the service of the system will remain the fourth and fifth generation.Serial production of the latter is scheduled for 2017.The Ministry of Defence expects that C-500 will be an insurmountable abroad in the development of air defense other states for at least another two decades.

Russian S-500 (anti-aircraft missile system) will be the best of all air defense systems.Americans will long chase our technologies and try to come closer to the boundary established by domestic experts.

foreign counterparts - "Patriot»

Today in the world there are two almost equal air defense system - from the Russian Federation and the United States.In our country, it is the C-400.American development was named "Patriot-3", it is the epitome of excellence today.There is no better system than this.The modern anti-aircraft missile complex is able to destroy targets at altitudes up to 24 kilometers and at a distance of 500 kilometers.The only drawback is the permeability of the machine.Compared with Russian combat vehicles "Patriot" is not as powerful.

However, what will the United States after the release of our C-500, no one knows.Russia, creating a perfect system that can destroy targets in space, defying the Americans.Will the United States respond?Time will tell.


development of air defense sector of the Russian Federation is the main task of the Ministry of National Defense.Deputy Defense Minister Rogozin stressed the following: "Our country must be protected, not only at the borders, but also in the air.Therefore, the creation of C-500 is so necessary for the country - it will be a new air shield and will ensure a peaceful sky over the heads of the citizens. "

It is worth noting that the development of the complex has been allocated more than 10 billion US dollars.If the system did not justify itself, the failure in this area very strongly affect the country's defense.Why so much attention is paid to the development of fifth-generation air defense missile system.