Alexander Ulyanov (designer): biography, creativity

Alexander Ulyanov - the designer, writer, founder of the fashion house Uliyanova Couture.Despite his young age, she has already managed to win recognition among compatriots abroad.Parents Alexander inherited a sensitive artistic taste and organizational talent, adding to the remarkable persistence and constant striving for perfection.The collection of designer fancifully combines lightness and sensuality, simplicity and clarity of lines, exotic materials.Let's find out how she did it.

Children hobbies

Alexander Ulyanov was born in March 1986 in the city of Yekaterinburg.A girl from an early age interested in fashion and beautiful clothes.As a child, Sasha attended art school and had long sat on a piece of paper, making his first sketches and models.Good taste and sense of style she inherited from her father, a talented artist.A mother, a brilliant manager, gave her daughter excellent organizational skills and business acumen.

way, fashion was not the only hot passion Sasha: As a child she attended school gymnastics.Interestingly, it was useful to her in adult life: Alexander worked for two years in a circus.

choice of profession

After school, Alexander Ulyanov creates its first project - the studio model for little girls.There she invests in its young students the basics of feminine sense of style and beauty.In this studio, and he spends his first impressions.

After Alexander arrives at the Faculty of Philosophy of the Ural University.Gorky.But dreaming of becoming a fashion designer, she is applying to participate in Fashion Week in the city of Yekaterinburg.And there is a young designer showing Ulyanov successfully conducting its first collection.After that Alexander creates a model for the Opera and Ballet Theatre.Glinka.

After graduating from university, she decided to buy a second degree in the field of modeling clothes.For this, she moved to Moscow, where he became a student of Textile University.ANKosygin.

first victory

Even from the very first courses of Alexander Ulyanov actively involved in various projects and shows.And in 2011 she will be the first triumph - the victory at the International competition of young designers "Russian Silhouette".The collection "From darkness to light" not only won the Grand Prix, but also gave her the opportunity to learn the creator of the Milan Fashion Academy graduate.

The following year, Alexander invited to participate in the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia.Note that this is one of the biggest events in the fashion industry in Eastern Europe, which attracts the most famous domestic and foreign designers.Alexander Ulyanov there is a collection of BEZDNA or BEZ_DNA.According to her, the creation of these models inspired bottomless depth of Lake Baikal, which reflects the essence of human nature.The collection is highly praised by critics and recognized as one of the most stylish.

Fashion from Ulyanova

While still a student, Alexander created his fashion house Uliyanova Couture.Today, it is a sophisticated women's clothing-class ready-to-wear.The fashion house produces several seasonal collections per year, each of which includes three lines: clothes for the office, everyday and holiday image model.

Alexander Ulyanov - the high-end designer clothes, the quality of products meets all international standards are used in the production of expensive fabrics and high-quality fittings, and apply the latest trends and the newest technologies in the field of fashion.Interestingly, Alexander creates and beautiful children's clothing, believing that even the little girls deserve to be a real princess and a yoke.

inspired by a trip to Bali

a strong impetus and inspiration for Alexandra was a trip to Bali, where she lived for several years.According to her, this island is completely turned her thoughts.There she found the perfect place for business and creativity.Inspired by the beauty of the island and the way of life of its inhabitants, the designer has decided to adopt and use in their work, some local motives.That Bali Alexander Ulyanov brought passion leather goods.Some of its models are made of very exotic materials.The designer uses the skin of a crocodile, python and ostrich, combining it with fabric and creating from them a variety of products: clothing, bags, and accessories.

In one of the shows were presented by Alexandra models made of traditional Balinese cloth - ikat.This is a very expensive material, since it is made by hand with the help of sophisticated equipment.

plans and dreams

Alexander Ulyanov - the designer, whose biography shows that success is possible only by everyday hard work and perseverance.It affects their incredible dedication and tireless.Now she has many plans regarding career.Alexander dreams that her fashion house and products are known throughout the world, is committed to making your business verified and perfect.

Speaking about his personal life, Alexander shares the desires of all women: to build a strong family with the man of her dreams, to bring up children.After all, the present work is unthinkable without the inspiring and creative power of love.

fashion tips from designer Alexander

sure that each person is unique.This should be reflected in dress and general appearance.At the same time using the appropriate colors, materials and accessories can be opened and to emphasize the dignity of any image.

designer loves to use in a variety of scarves as combining them with leather and other materials, as well as applying separately.Alexander is convinced that they are able to transform any shape, emphasize the dignity of the person and even make a few years younger.

Also, designers are advised to safely use accessories.Properly fitted straps and bags, especially if they are made of python skin, are able to make an original and complement any image.And, of course, a lot depends on the jewelry.The trend of larger products, wherein they can be combined with each other.The main thing that they were in the same style and color scheme.

constant work, persistence and desire to improve ennoble man.That's what life is guided by Alexander Ulyanov - the designer, about the work that suggest a high recognition of her work.Her collections combine the eternal femininity, sensuality and exoticism, and fashion, according to the designer, it should embody the beauty of body and soul perfection.On the other hand, things from Ulyanova just can not not like it, because each girl with their mother's milk absorbs the love of the skin of reptiles.Therefore, the success of Alexandra was predetermined.