The brunette with brown eyes can afford any style

dark-haired girl - quite common.We see them every day on the streets, in shops, at bus stops.But why do they catch on myself as admiring glances?Why brunette with brown eyes so stands out in the crowd?Let's try to understand the features of appearance of these girls, as well as learn about their unique style.

First of all, pay attention to the colors of the clothes that prefer dark-haired woman.The brunette with brown eyes can afford almost any color from black to bright and pastel colors.When selecting an image, it is desirable to avoid the same color and strive to scale, consisting of two or three tones.

should not be your wardrobe of clothes mostly black, because this aspect can make the image dull and expressionless.Seek better to bright colors that emphasize the individuality and character of the girl.Brunette with brown eyes can also indulge in a cast makeup.Bright shadows, dark eyeliner and mascara will make the "mirror of the soul" more expressive and attractive, fascinating and even mysterious.

Let us examine other features of a possible make-up.Happy is better to put the most natural makeup that will highlight the skin tone and highlight the lips and eyes.Take the brown eyeliner and draw a thin line where the lashes grow.Lips lipstick is better not to burden, and use a transparent gloss natural shades, mostly brown or beige.

Evening make-up - it's a different story.The brunette with brown eyes free to combine it absolutely any color.Especially good make-up you get when you put shade of blue, brown, dark brown or purple.Be sure to use black eyeliner and draw a line on the upper eyelid, to emphasize the unique shape of the eye.After the application of shadows and eyeliner to paint eyelashes with black ink.Remember the golden rule: on the face should be allocated to any one part.If you are applying evening makeup, bright eye shadow, lips, leave it as natural.You can cover them with transparent gloss or lipstick with natural light pearl shade.

brunette with brown eyes - pictures, but not the girls.They always stand out in the crowd due to the dark hair and bright appearance.They fit most of the known types of make-up, as well as a variety of colors that can be used in the selection of clothing.So women really lucky, because they are by nature have the ability to regularly change the style.They can be bold in choosing colors of clothing can afford to experiment with fashion.

If you are by nature brunette with brown eyes, you should not lighten hair, because that way you kill your natural beauty.Understand the advantages of your appearance and correctly underline them with a successful make-up and clothes expressive and bright colors.