It is impossible to conceive.

the female mission - to become a mother.And sooner or later I think about it every girl.There is no greater happiness in the world than to be a mom!But nature is not always kind to women.Despite her strong desire to have a baby, do not get pregnant.What to do?

Often a woman finds out that not pregnant, but she is not protected and decides that pregnancy must necessarily occur immediately.But it is not.Some really are in a position after a single act of unprotected sex, while others require more than one month for conception.But if in the course of the year it is impossible to get pregnant?What to do?Of course, to see a doctor and undergo a thorough examination.

very important it is to plan the child, rather than wait until a pregnancy.To have a healthy, strong toddler, monitor the health of expectant parents should be especially careful.

Take your vitamins, correct lifestyle, do not abuse alcohol, give up smoking, in short, do everything that depends on you to the next baby was healthy.In the case of the competent approach to business, the question: "I can not get pregnant, what to do?" - For you to lose its relevance.

calculates your menstrual cycle ovulation day.During this period, the greatest probability of conception, because the egg matures and leaves the fallopian tube.In the case of the meeting with the sperm, fertilization occurs and the woman becomes pregnant.If the sperm do not have time to get to the egg, it will soon begin menstruating.

not get pregnant, what to do?But do not despair!No way.There are three cases when a woman can not have a baby:

  1. The examination revealed no abnormalities.
  2. The examination diagnosed with "infertility".
  3. woman health problem in a partner.

In the first case, a woman is thinking about what to do to get pregnant faster.After all, health is all right!So it's a matter of time.But how do you want to speed things up.The reasons for the lack of conception in this situation psychosomatic rather than physiological.It has long been observed that the more a woman fixated on the pregnancy, the longer it does not occur.One has only to relax and get pleasure from the process, as soon as the test will show two cherished strips!

In the second case is much more complicated.After the examination, the woman is no longer asks himself why it is impossible to conceive what to do.She realized that she can not have children.

experiences are so strong that at this moment forget that with the right treatment at the competent expert or IVF may become a mother, and infertility - not a sentence.

In the third case, a woman realizes that the problem is not in it, but a partner.Perhaps as a result of his semen sperm it is not very active.You say to yourself: "I want to quickly get pregnant, what to do?" The answer is - to treat a partner, and increase the activity of sperm.

Being a mom - the greatest miracle in the world!And you are sure it will become!