9 steps on the path to losing weight

You can not look at myself in the mirror, and each time with the arrival of the weekend to adjust itself to the fact that since the beginning of the week you sit on a diet, but with the onset of Monday continued to eat, forget about diet?

Dietitians in this case we say: do not wait for "Monday"!Start performance diet today!And to help you in this 9 simple guidelines.

1. Do not chase for a record pounds - much better to get rid of 3-5 kg ​​per month, without causing harm to the body.

2. Do not run to the weights three times a day.Lose weight for one day you do not have time.Weighed is once a week and preferably before breakfast at the same time.The difference in weight during the day is about 2-3 kg.

3. you have to do optimistic .Under no circumstances you should not give up.As often as possible for themselves bear the phrase out loud, "I can get better!I can lose weight! ".Believe in your strength.

4. Before you start fighting obesity Visit dietitian .Make a detailed analysis of the blood to determine the level of cholesterol.In no case do not start a diet in the period of exacerbation of chronic diseases, inherent in you.

5. Do not abuse the drug for weight loss .Remember, drugs for weight loss can only serve as an additional means, but not the main one.And here is important consultation with a dietician.

6. Do not starve , thinking that doterpit to the "last", you can then natreskatsya and do not grow stout - so you just overeat.If you feel hunger, eat a little low-calorie food: tomato, cucumber, cottage cheese (low-fat), apple.If within 15-20 minutes of hunger does not disappear, eat something more nutritious.

7. Do not confuse hunger with the desire arose eat something "tasty".At such moments it is give up eating, drinking a glass of water.

8. Know, diet should be smooth and harmless to the body - do not drastically limit their daily "menu".The first thing that should be excluded from the daily diet - sugar.Also reduce the amount of salt and spices at least twice.Reduce the amount eaten per day rolls to one side, and two bread toast and breakfast only.Try to make up your favorite foods fresh and dried fruits.

9. If your main seducer - chocolate , replace the "chocolate day norm" cup of cocoa with a minimum amount of sugar.Either choose the tiles with the maximum amount of cocoa beans (70%) - he quickly satisfies the feeling of "the will" of chocolate.

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