Turkish currency and its importance for the Russian Federation

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Turkey - is a centuries-old partner, a competitor of our great motherland.Constant wars with the Ottoman Empire for a long time connected with the history of our peoples.A moderate Islamic religion of the Turks and conservative views of Russian Orthodoxy with Islam of the North Caucasus today are the last bastion of ethics, love and purity marital union between man and woman against the expansion of liberal depravity sodomites Europe.Today, during the global economic crisis, the impact of the spread of a culture or its localization, of course, are more dependent on the economic situation, as it is an exporter as well as the forces who want to limit this impact.The main elements of the economic state of the two countries at this stage of their development is the direction of the unification of systems of exchange values, which should provide the Turkish currency with its influence in the south-eastern region and the Russian ruble in the northeast.In fact, as history shows, the union fastened with financial mutual benefit, much stronger than any contracts, promises and even medieval interstate marriages.

Turkish currency as a means of influence in the region

ambitious course of development of the state, the selected Turkish leadership, with each passing day makes the national currency of the Republic is not only a medium of exchange values, but also an important financial element of the entire region.As the region torn by an Islamic revolution is the Turkish currency is today the money that demonstrate stability and independence from the influence of the US dollar and the drowning of the EU money that is positioning Turkey as a country with a strong close to us and quite rare in Europe a priority conservative values.

Russian-Turkish relations financial

Today the relations between our countries are, at first glance, is quite controversial.The foreign policy of both countries is demonstrating the opposite point of view.However, the tourist industry, trade and energy sector focused only on deepening cooperation and friendship among peoples.The Turkish currency and all today visited in the hands of a large number of Russian tourists.Rest in the southern state off the coast of the Mediterranean Sea for our compatriots is an affordable alternative to Russian resorts.Well, and the money that Russians have to pay for the provided services in the country, acquired in exchange offices in hotels, airports and bank branches.The course of the Turkish currency to the dollar, the ruble and the euro after a successful currency reform in 2009 is relatively high and amounts to 1,957 TRY against the 1 USD, 0,061 TRY to 1 RUB and 2,678 TRY to 1 EUR.The money turnover of the State are national medium of exchange values ​​banknote form in denominations of 200, 100, 50, 20, 10 and 5 pounds.It is also widely used currency denominated monetary forms a lyre and 50, 25, 10, 5, 1 kurush (special Turkish coins that transfer any lira).Thus, from the foregoing, it follows that our compatriots who wish to wealthy families for their children and grandchildren, it is advisable to remember that the funds under the banking code TRY and code International Organization for Standardization ISO 4217 - a friendly Turkish currency that the ruble now stands0,06146 TRY 1 RUB.