How to tie a stole on Coat

Tippet - a classic attribute of the female wardrobe.He is able to give a charm and elegance of the image.You can wear it not only in winter but in summer.In the cold perfect cashmere model with feather trim, and in the summer will be very relevant light chiffon and silk capes.So, how to wear a stole with a coat?

Stole cashmere - a great addition to down jackets, fur coat, fur coat, as well as the classic coat.There are many methods and techniques, how to tie a stole on his coat.Put on your coat and stand in front of the mirror arm pins and brooches and try our method.

Stole fling on his shoulders, a classic front tie the knot.For a more aesthetic appearance straighten the loose ends.The first option (the easiest) is ready!

You can also tie a bow on the coat stole.The product pass under a collar so that the front ends are turned.Tie them into a simple knot and the ends stole shaped bow.You can leave from the front or the side of the post.

How to tie tippet on the coat in the form of a scarf-LIC?Everything is very simple!Tie together the ends of the Stole and wrap several times around the neck.To receive the scarf-LIC can add decoration - decorative pin or brooch.In order to fix the composition to bond the two layers can tippet pin.

For additional decorative element tie tippet complicated knot.To do this, throw with the product on the shoulders and front tie knot free classic.Tie up loose ends again.Thread the end of the one in the lower unit, and the second - at the top.Thus, you get a beautiful composition, which will decorate the coat.

How to tie a stole on Coat "Paris" node?For this tippet should be folded in half and then in half again.Wear on the neck it is necessary so that on the one hand a place turned fold, and the other free ends are located.Lightly tighten or, conversely, loosen the song on your own."Paris" is ready to host!It remains only to decorate it with a small decorative pin or brooch.The free ends can be removed overboard coat.You get a host that has been popular among the Parisian fashionistas are already in the XIX century.

How to tie tippet on the coat shorter length?Carefully flatten stole, fling his shoulders.Connect the edge of a beautiful brooch or pin.This option is also well suited for tippet with long ends.

Another easy, but very interesting way.Throw stole around his neck.Tie a knot in the usual classic.Now, the product must be turned so that the free ends were on both sides of the shoulder.

consider the latter method, how to tie a stole on his coat.Product fold in half.Both ends of the stole just tie a knot.Try to make it so that the loop is left free, no need to tighten it.You get a kind of tie.Throw it on the neck and slide under the collar.Leave the front ends and the node, carefully straighten them.