Harry Potter - the most popular Teenager In The World !So on whom he played his actors Daniel Radcliffe Work?

hero of several talented and exciting novels written by British author JK Rowling, learns and becomes a magician.Being the first literary character, a young magician, teenager, thanks to talented translate it to the screen actor Daniel Radcliffe, who virtually all films movie epics was the same age as his hero, Harry Potter has become the most popular teenager - movie heroes in the world, exactly the same as playedhis actor.

However, world fame did not bring happiness to the actor.But, a lot of money - by some estimates more than 50 million dollars.The creator of the Harry Potter - JK Rowling and did become the richest in the world of a writer with a round sum of income from all she penned more than a billion dollars ....

But her life had to endure a lot: the early death of his mother, the divorce from her first husband after giving birth, and yet, God forbid, like a normal life in the second marriage ... God grant!

But if you look closely at the meaning of life, the most popular movie hero teenag

er and only recently ceased to be a teenager actor who played him, the answer to the most important question in life - for whom you live, or, simply, who you work for, givesunequivocal answer: not GOD!

Is not this the reason for the misfortunes of people, in one way or another connected with the affairs of antibozhestvennymi - magic, witchcraft, atheism ... For the actor Radcliffe has declared himself an atheist and advocate of sexual minorities.He was already ill dyspraxia - a punishment for that?Well, then, what will happen to him then, as he matures?And JK Rowling seems to understand the meaning of her offense, stopped the book and, accordingly, the movie epic about his protagonist.Hero, do not believe in God.

Maybe in time.Or maybe not.Will we?

And yet think you are, a teenager, who you work for?

Everyone in the world knows it.

just need to know!

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