How to dry the oranges for decoration.

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What first comes to your mind at the sight of an orange?Naturally, you will immediately feel its sweet and sour taste and unique flavor, reminiscent of the approach of Christmas.But if the show imagination, oranges can be used not only as a treat.

decor of oranges and other citrus fruits

Quit dried slices in tea flavor - this is also an option.But what about creativity?Orange slice in a cut like a bright sun, which is so lacking in the winter day.Let's learn how to preserve this beauty for a long time.

When you learn how to dry the oranges for decoration, you can use in different ways resulting material.In the interior of dried citrus slices look very natural and fresh.A variety of items and decorations with their use give the room a special touch.To create this decor can be combined with orange slices and peel and finely the cut lemon, lime, fragrant cinnamon sticks, nuts, spices, anise stellate or star anise.

How to dry the oranges for decoration?

method of manufacturing a bright dried cloves are not alone.You can get dried citrus different methods.The easiest option is to use Electric driers for fruit and vegetables.It has a special mode that allows for 18-24 hours to make absolutely perfect dried citrus effortlessly.Your task will be a sharp cut oranges, spread out on trays and turn the unit into the network.After the allotted time enjoy the results.

One caveat for such drying that slices can be deformed.Sometimes it is not a hindrance to the creative process, but all those who need absolutely flat circles, will have to choose another method.

dry them on the battery

The most popular way is to dry the oranges for decoration - make it to the battery.Such a method would be feasible only in the cold season when the heating is working.

needed for this procedure include:

  • corrugated cardboard;
  • clothespins (better stationery, which are well clamped, but in the absence of possible use and linen);
  • awl.

Since all these attributes exist in any house, cost-free method can be called, perhaps, will have to be spent on the purchase of citrus.

first thing you need to do to get started, is to cut two identical cardboard plate, about the size of 10h30 cm. Then take an awl and a leaky, these cartons.The holes are usually better.Spread on one of the plates of thinly sliced ‚Äč‚Äčorange slices and cover with the second carton.Along the edges to fix the resulting "sandwich" clothespins.How many of them need to see for yourself, as long slices were tightly pressed against the paper and do not fall in the drying process.

Set design can be both horizontally and vertically inside the battery.This accommodation is convenient in that the heating takes place on both sides and can be dried at the same time much more citrus rings.

By the time the process takes 2-3 days, depending on the thickness of the slices and intensity of heat batteries.

So you learned how to dry the oranges for decoration in the home.You agree that such a procedure does not require large material costs and time-consuming.And to give a bright, fragrant citrus rings, you can easily create their own hands jewelry masterpiece that will please both you and your guests at home.

Useful tips

As for the decor dried citrus slices?Discussion of this topic has been particularly active in the run-up to begin the New Year and Christmas holidays, when these decorations will be most appropriate.Here are some tips you can hear from the craftsmen and the fans of this case.

  • When you shoot with dried oranges, they can stick to the corrugated cardboard.To separate the use of stationery knife.
  • When working with dry oranges and other citrus fruit need to be very careful because they are fragile and can break.
  • How to dry the oranges for decoration, so they do not darkened, and maintained their bright color?Here, the secret is quite simple.Before drying slices should be dipped for 10 minutes in a solution of lemon juice, and water.After - wet paper towel and dry as instructed.

where you can use dried oranges?

probably looking at the resulting dried "Sun", you will not have problems with the implementation of creative ideas.

The first thing that comes to mind - a Christmas decoration.Often dried citrus can be seen on naddvernyh coniferous wreath.Actual orange slices to decorate the Christmas decorations or just stick to citrus ringlet loop and hang on the tree as an independent jewelry.Sometimes masters create entire orange garlands.

nice to receive gifts, and especially nice when a present packed with soul.If you have decided to create their own to decorate a box with a gift, you can use not only the standard of colored paper and ribbons, and citrus slices.

Those involved in scrapbooking, know that you can apply a decoration for decoration of photo albums and notebooks handmade.

Needlewoman invented drying decorate this photo frame handmade candles, flowerpots for indoor plants and more.Sometimes this material creates even whole independent of the composition.It is important to understand how to make dried citrus slices, and then where to apply them already tell a fantasy.