Ignored Picket Afghanistan Veterans 04.11.2011g.

4noyabrya 2011.Rostov-on-Don on the street.University before Don State Public Library held a picket veterans of fighting in Afghanistan.

picket organized by the Rostov Organization of the Russian Union of veterans of Afghanistan, was more than symbolic in the Day of National Unity, on one of the posters picketers was written: "To live in the Don veterans without question - the Deceiver DOWN-official « edinorosov! ».

We know that this is not the first picket Rostov veterans of Afghanistan.This year 11.02.2011g.immediately after the picket combat veterans have announced an indefinite hunger strike.But the hunger strike was not the first.

Once again, the veterans come to the rally to defend their rights, to draw public attention to their problems, which are in fact the problems of the whole society.Judging by the content of the posters, people are tired of the fact that they "feed the endless promises."How else to explain the poster:

«Officials in the city of military glory does not care about the

needs of the Afghan veterans!".

On the same day, 4 November, more than 5 thousand of Rostov and area residents gathered at the celebration of National Unity Day.They unanimously supported
course «United Russia».

sounded rant about the fact that the "United Russia" makes life
Russians better.And the Rostov Region Governor Vasily Golubev spoke about the veterans, that the "United Russia" does everything for them and their children.

However, all these words "edinorosov" refute pickets
Afghans across the country.

People are accustomed to endless promises of officials "all good things."Few
general notes that these promises are fulfilled, and what not.Just the same
Afghans who need support from the state, and they deserve it.Also
of our people, whose life is supposedly done better so busy surviving that
become indifferent to anything happening in the country.Past picket
veterans of fighting in Afghanistan, the majority of people pass by, paying no attention to
modest group of people standing with placards.

But under the banner of "United Russia" were the crowd, believing another promise!