"The wine you prefer a country in this time of day?" Or How the import of alcohol in Russia?

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In contrast to the Soviet era, catch phrase of Bulgakov's character is consistent with reality.Indeed, Russian consumers have to choose from - the range of imported alcoholic products is huge: from the classic French sparkling wine and Italian vermouth, different varieties of beer to alcoholic beverages in the form of exotic Jamaican rum and tequila.In addition to the saturation of the market, there is another need - the importation of alcohol in Russia covers the lack of production of a strong traditional drink, which the Russians still prefer.

Among the major importing countries, it should be noted, first of all, France, Italy, Mexico, Chile and Spain.Also very active demand and alcoholic products of the former fraternal republics, because people are still fresh in the memory of the Soviet era as the Crimean and Georgian wine and Armenian brandy.

also import alcohol in Russia in recent years intensified and due to the expansion of the internal market of low-alcohol products.It should be noted that the Russians have become accustomed to Czech beer, French cognac or Scotch whiskey, and refer to them as regulars shelves of local stores.

However, not every overseas alcohol-containing products can get on the table to the consumer, as the state controls the import of alcohol in Russia for the legality, quality and health safety.Legal basis for this is the appropriate Federal Law №171-FZ (Article 13) and the ruling Chief sanvracha "On strengthening the supervision over the circulation of alcoholic products" by 2006. Based on these regulations all imports of alcohol before crossing the border, mandatoryorder to be tested for compliance with the Russian standards of quality and compliance technologies in the production process as well as pass sanitary-epidemiological expertise for the presence of harmful substances. And, subject to mandatory testing is not only ready-made alcohol imported, but also semi-finished (wine materials).

addition to customs inspections, the importation of alcohol in Russia is controlled and the Federal Service for Supervision of Consumer Rights and Human Welfare. The competence of the agency imposition of an embargo on imports of alcoholic beverages, non-conforming state standards of quality. It is also based on the cases of counterfeiting of imported alcohol, Rospotrebnadzor its regulationsdefines unreliable importing countries.It is an occasion for customs check any alcohol-containing products imported from those countries more thoroughly.

regulated by the state and also the import of alcohol in Russia individuals.Thus, in accordance with the innovations of 2012, duty-free to Russia every person subject to the achievement of majority, may bring no more than two liters of any alcohol-containing drink, regardless of price and strength.In the minors such a rule does not apply.Exceeding this amount of up to five liters of alcohol subject to customs duty of ten euros per liter.However, the rules of importation of alcohol in Russia and allow to transport more than five liters of alcohol-containing products.However, in this case, you should be prepared for what will have to fork out for twenty-two euros for exceeding allowable liters.