Landrace - breed pigs for the best bacon pig

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Pig - one of the most profitable branches of agriculture.Given the amount of pork consumed in the world today, it is no surprise to anyone.For the beginning of breeders is very important in order to decide which ones he's going to raise animals (meat, meat, greasy or exclusively on fat), and to gather qualitative herd.Bacon is considered the most successful lines of Landrace - breed of pigs, the most common and perfectly proven worldwide.If you have and advantages and disadvantages, the first clearly prevail.

origin and characteristics

Given that Landrace - breed pigs, bred in Denmark relatively recently - in the first half of the last century, its popularity can be assessed by the rapid spread already.Pets are bacon type, that is, their carcass subcutaneous fat presented a very thin layer, but rather lean very much.While many people in the world today prefer lean meat, a mascara composition is an added plus.Competent mnogletnyaya breeding has led to what now Landrace - breed pigs, whose representatives under the same conditions of detention and the same with other kinds of the type of destination are gaining more weight than other breeds.It is noteworthy that the internal organs are developed from these pigs again better.


Landrace pigs have an elongated body, back straight, flat, wide and thick ham.Drooping ears, long, somewhat obscure eyes.Stubble rare white;the skin is very thin.Uterine have an average weight of about a quarter of a ton, gaining 300 kg boars, sometimes more.


Landrace - breed pigs, reviews of which mainly range from positive to enthusiastic.First of all, the uterus is very prolific: at least a dozen piglets born from them rarely, and sometimes their number reaches 15-20.Survival in the right content is also very high: loss rarely achieve even 10%;in most cases before weaning from the uterus survive everything.

following positive indicators that have Landrace - breed pigs (photo) very early ripening.Piglets in the months of age already have a weight of 8-10 kg at the beginning of 1.7, and at weaning can dial it up to the mark in the 20 kg.

Pigs of this breed is very hardy and resilience;they are very easy to pass acclimatization, during which the weight clearly not reduced, and in half the cases also continued its growth, albeit at a slower rate.

worth noting the quality of the bacon, which gives Landrace (breed of pigs).Characteristic of his extremely positive: in carcasses observed a higher content of a high-quality lean meat (an indicator often up to 5%) and a significantly thinner layer of fat than other species.

Disadvantages breed

From a physical point of view, they include wobble backwards and weaknesses tanks.Some domestic breeders also believe that the Landrace - breed pigs, purposeful selection of bacon are a few of their weakened constitution.As a result, mature boars chest to 157 cm with a body length of 175, that is, it is too small and narrow.

However, the main drawback of Landrace, you can count them on the content of moodiness.If the care or fattening admitted even minor mistakes, fertility drops sharply sows.And if fertilization has occurred, the number of piglets in the litter will be significantly smaller.

Participation in breeding Landrace

Even if you do not take into account the contribution of breeders in the creation of new species, commendable even a simple improvement of existing, which is achieved with the help of Landrace boars.Sows multiple increases of 10 percent (the lowest mark - 5%), the same amount raised pigs precocity - and this while reducing feed costs.This is also content of the meat in the carcass increases, although not as significantly - up to 7%.Of the new internationally recognized breeds can be called the French and Norwegian Landrace, and Estonian bacon.

Terms fattening

Landrace - breed pig bacon type, so that the usual understanding of swill to master the kitchen is better to forget.Not suitable and familiar food like oats and corn - they contribute to the deposition of fat and not nagulivaniyu meat.Ideal for grain barley Landrace will, in second place - rye.Gradually add soy, oil cake, bran, meal, sorghum.You must be present vegetables, herbs, pay, meat and bone meal.Fish is better not to give at all - from the meat gets her odor.In an extreme case, it should be removed from the diet for at least a month (preferably two) to the bottom.

Equally important feeding regime: pigs can not stop in time, causing overeating.Result: in the best case - obesity, at worst - poisoning.Feed should be twice a day, in the right quantity, scraps of feeders clean.In winter, when the heat to maintain forces in pigs takes longer permissible meals, but no more.

If we stick to these rules, you are economically and gastronomically very please Landrace - breed pigs, photos are a good demonstration of the quality of their meat.